Women in the Natural Dye GardenThe UNT Natural Dye Garden was initially implemented in 2012 and has provided a variety of services for the UNT community since its conception. One of these services is most obviously in providing natural dyes, some of which are used in creating the Environmental Volunteerism Graduation Cord
Launched in 2021, the Natural Dye Garden Advancement project sought to establish a paid student position to oversee garden volunteers and provide operational leadership for everyday garden tasks. This We Mean Green Fund project also proposed to improve the educational components of the garden; the student employee created a Natural Dye Swatch Archive, which documents the natural dye process for various plants and displays the colors of dye each plant gives off depending on the fabric type and mordants used. This project also supports UNT's Bee Campus USA, as many of the plants in the garden are Texas native plants that provide food sources for pollinators.  

This project was student-led with the support of CVAD's Abby Sherrill.