In connection to UNT's 125th anniversary celebrated in 2015-2016, the Center for Leadership and Service and Student Activities created the Golden Eagle Award. The Golden Eagle Award is the most prestigious award that UNT bestows on a student leader. Any student who has been a leader in campus life, student organizations, athletics, research, activism, mentorship, etc. and has had a positive and meaningful impact on the UNT community is encouraged to apply for the 9th class of the Golden Eagle. The recipients are those who show a tremendous commitment to co-curricular activities and enhancing campus life at UNT by engaging in considerable service and displaying great leadership, all while achieving excellence in the classroom. 

Symbolism for the Award

For centuries, golden eagles have been revered in many cultures around the world. They have a flying ability that surpasses all other eagles, symbolizing the highest-regarded leadership ability among student-leaders. They fly with purpose and soar higher and faster than other animal species, symbolizing their drive and far-reaching influence and impact. While many eagles are known for their strong voices, golden eagles have a tendency to be soft-spoken, symbolizing the ability to lead by actions more than words. Finally, the golden eagle has a long life-span, symbolizing the ability to leave a lasting legacy.

2016 Golden Eagle Recipients

Kevin Jenkins

Darla Ray

Natalie Parde

Ah Ra Cho

Nydia Sanchez

Ashley Nudge

Gabriella Ibarra

Muhammad Khan

Wisteria Wells

Keara Soller

Jenna Dibble

Haley Barnes

Audryanna Reed

2017 Golden Eagle Recipients

Aditya Ayyagari

Kristen DeWilde

Marissa Weddle

Zehra Hussain

Michelle Fulbright

Cecily Yoakam

Dillon Downey

Iesha Daboya

Alison Hardy

Devin Foster

Asiah Claiborne

Natalie Boyd

2018 Golden Eagle Recipients

Tsz Lun (Alan) Chu

Krissi Riewe

Theresa Abah

Barrett Cole

Daniel Smith

Eryn Butler

Maranda Johnson

Morgan Kelley

Roni Fraser

2019 Golden Eagle Recipients

Giselle Greenidge

Nathan Kearns

Niusha Jones

Samuel Van Vleet

Muhammad Kara

Christian Cole

Stephon Bradberry

Dominique Thomas

Logan Josephine Bruffett

Mercedes Mercado

Peyton Paige Sennet

Charlotte Loewes

Joshua Harper

Neha John

2020 Golden Eagle Recipients

Lauren Koszyk

Xavier Parnell

Kristen Sosa

Tatum Specht

Ha Tran

Angela Whistler

2021 Golden Eagle Recipients

Sahar Behpour

Alexa DeCarlo

Jose Garcia

Ivalis Guajardo

Tiffany Miller

Sam Weber

Asia Youngs-Bailey

Amanda Zimmerman

2022 Golden Eagle Recipients

Emmett Leddin

Roy Jimenez

Mikayla Lambert

Maria Lawson

Victoria Nguyen

Ozioma Ozigbo

Faustina Richardson

Mia Rogers

2023 Golden Eagle Recipients

Maria Crane

Tingkai Guan

Jonathn Johnson

Md Khorrom Khan

Megan McAdams

Supuni Dhameera Silva

Jermaine "JT" Turner

2024 Golden Eagle Recipients

Sam Dardaman

Adrian "Boss" Tam

Cherisse Williams

Emily Gray

Matthew Nguyen

Ellen Christensen

Andy McDowall

Ethan Gillis

Amy Phan

David Muñoz-Sarabia

Carlos Velasco-Carbajal

Nadia Lopez