What does North Texas Cheer get to do?

• Entertain fans at various campus and off-campus events.
• Lend time and talent at community service events.
• Men's and Women's Basketball [Home] Games.
• Perform at all UNT Football [Home] Games,
• Perform at other professional sporting and corporate events.
• Perform for Nationally Televised audiences.
• Receive extensive training in cheer technique.
• Travel to Football Conference and Bowl Games.
• Travel to Men's and Women's Basketball Tournament Games.
• Travel to NCA College Nationals in Daytona Beach, FL.

What are the tryout requirements?

Must be accepted into the University of North Texas at the time of tryouts. You must be able
to attend all practices, games, and other related activities throughout the entire season.
You must also complete all necessary documentation (insurance and academic
paperwork) to participate.

Are there any height and weight requirements?

We DO NOT have specific height and weight requirements. You should look well-proportioned in spandex and sports bra.

If I am currently a high school senior but will not graduate until June, can I still audition and be selected?

Yes, as long as you are accepted into UNT by the tryout dates. If you are a grad student, you
must be able to balance the requirements of graduate school and UNT Cheer.

What should I wear to tryouts?

• Top: bright color sports bra
• Bottom: solid black spandex
• Bright Colored Bow
• White Cheer shoes

• Bright Colored Short sleeve shirt
• Solid black shorts
• White Cheer shoes

Are prep clinics mandatory?

Prep Clinics are non-mandatory. They are clinics offered to provide excellent preparation for our upcoming tryout. They are an inside look of what we expect at tryouts. You may attend one or all the clinics. At each clinic notes, will be taken of your performance which is taken into consideration at tryouts.

Can my family watch prep- clinics?

Prep Clinics are open to families only. It is a great time for your parents to meet with Head
Coach Charleston

How should I wear my hair and make-up?

Ladies: Make-up should complement your natural beauty with red lipstick. Hair should be
worn in a pulled back low ponytail with a ribbon/bow.
Men: Make sure that hair is neatly styled. A clean-cut look is required.

What is the tryout process?

All cheerleaders will be trying out for the program as a whole. After final cuts are made
athletes will be announced with the official squad that they are on. (All-Girl or Coed).
Following tryouts there will be a parent meeting, practice, and uniform fitting the day after tryouts.

Prelim Videos 
Videos include an introduction, answers to interview questions, performance of the fight
song, jumps to tumbling, running tumbling, and standing tumbling. Eligible participants
will need to register on before required date.

In-Person Finals
At finals be prepared to execute the minimum required stunt requirements. You will also
have an opportunity to showcase more elite stunts and dismounts once minimum
requirements are executed. Be prepared to showcase all prelim material at the request
of the judging panel.

*Please download our Tryout Packet PDF for more information.

Are there certain cheer requirements that I must be able to perform at tryouts?

Please see requirements in our Tryout Packet and under our Clinic/Tryout Tab of the

May I try out if I have a tattoo?
Yes, you may audition if you have a tattoo. Our policy is that even the smallest of tattoos
may not be visible in the uniform or in practice attire. There are many effective products
available at stores or online. Additionally, concealer, followed by setting powder, then
bronzer to match color, can also be effective. Tattoos must be covered up.

Can my family watch auditions?
All portions of our audition process will be closed to the public.

If I do not advance throughout the audition process will my application be kept on file?
No. You must re-apply with a new application, required paperwork, and application
processing fee each year.

If I am not selected as a North Texas Cheer squad member, may I call the UNT Student
Activities office to receive my judges' comments?
No. Yet you can email for limited feedback and/or critiques.
Please allow a 3-4-week response time due to the high volume of emails with the new team

When do practices begin?
All practices mandatory and are held during weekday mornings. Classes must be
scheduled around practices and workouts. In addition to athletic & university events, the
cheer teams practice three times a week MWF from 6-8AM and 8-10AM.

SPRING SEMESTER - Days and times for practices and workouts will be the same but we
will also have Sunday Practices for Daytona Nationals 10AM-1PM
*Team members will be given a schedule of practices at our new team meeting at the close
of tryouts.

Are there any financial obligations for NTC squad members?
There are no out of pocket obligations, but we do ask that you fundraiser $1,000 per person
up joining the team. You will also participate in various fundraisers throughout the year.

Are there any program benefits?
Scholarship, Priority Class Registration, Sports Psychologist, Reserved Housing in a Newer
Residence Hall(s), Team Issued Nike Athletic Apparel and Uniforms, Team Travel (Football,
Basketball, Performance, and Nationals), Strength & Conditioning, Team Nutritionist and
Athletic Training, Sports Medicine are provided to each member of our program.

What is the time commitment to be a UNT Cheerleader?
In addition to athletic & university events, the cheer teams practice three times a week
MWF from 6-8AM and 8-10AM. The spirit teams have an official partnership with Sports
Training participating in a minimum of two workouts a week. All spirit members are
required to be full-time students and maintain a minimum of a 2.25 semester, and
cumulative grade point average.
• Basketball and Football Travel and Games
• Community Service and Appearances
• Fall and Spring Workouts
• Freshman Orientation
• NCA National Competition
• Summer Cheer Camp
• Summer Workouts