A Message from the Recruitment Head

"Talons is a great organization for getting involved on campus and meeting new people. As a Talon, you will be directly involved with UNT's most exciting traditions! Talons are very much a family and every new Talon is welcomed with open arms. Please consider joining if you are looking to get involved on campus or if you just want to make new friends!"
- JB O'Pry-Talons Recruitment Head-Fall 2022 

Join Talons Today!

There are no organizations on campus like Talons. Many of them have been established on spirit, most of them preach the idea of service and philanthropy, but Talons is solely responsible for tradition. Tradition is extremely important to any university. It sets them apart from other schools and brings the student body, along with the alumni together. When you join Talons you become part of that Tradition. We shine a green light of victory after a game, we create an atmosphere of camaraderie with a bonfire, we hold part of the past today with the Mean Green Machine, we celebrate our football games with a blast from Boomer, and more.

If you have a passion for school spirit and want to bring that passion to other people, there is no better group of people for you to be a part of than the Talons of UNT. It is our goal and purpose to ensure a continuing atmosphere of spirit and service to the University of North Texas, and we want you to be a part of it.