Talons is the home to many of UNT's traditions, learn more about how the Talons maintain the traditions below. 

UNT bonfire

Homecoming Bonfire

Set to be burned the night before the Homecoming football game, the Talons spend a week entirely building the Bonfire. Entrusted to Talons since 1950, it's the largest man made pallet bonfire in the nation. Not only one of UNT's biggest traditions, but for the Talons this is one of their most sacred part of being in the organization.


Spirit flag

Spirit Flags

Talons use the spirit flags to promote spirit at games and special events. You will be able to catch a view of the flags at the end zone where the cannon is located, or at the front of spirit marches to home football games. The Talons are the protectors of the Spirit Flags. 


The Model A

The Model A 

The Mean Green Machine, a 1929 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan built in 1931, is truly one of a kind.  The definition of tradition, the Model A, is protected and driven by the Talons.  It makes appearances at home football games, parades, and other special occasions


the cannon

Boomer the Cannon

Talons use Boomer the Cannon, a Mexican-American war replica, to signal UNT touchdowns, kick-off, halftime, and the end of home football games. Boomer can also be heard on special occasions throughout the year such as University Day. 


McConnell Tower Light the Tower

McConnell Tower 

After North Texas varsity team victories, the Tower is lit green to showcase the team's win. Talons lead victory marches from Apogee Stadium, after home football games, to the tower to sing the UNT Fight Song & “Glory to the Green" as the tower is lit. If you ever pass the tower and notice it's lit, visit to be informed on that night's occasion. 


Running the Flags

The Talons have fostered a tradition and privilege of running the NORTH TEXAS flags after touch downs and the Eagle flag after field goals in Apogee Stadium during home football games. This tradition was entrusted to Talons in the fall semester of 2013