This list represents a sampling of the legal services available. If students require help that Student Legal Services cannot provide we refer them to the State Bar referral network.

PLEASE NOTE: Our office cannot advise on issues involving the University of North Texas or other University of North Texas students. If your issue falls into one of these categories, feel free to contact our office for a referral sheet that can direct you to an office on or off-campus that may be able to help you resolve your situation.


This web page has been prepared for use by the University of North Texas students only. These downloadable forms and explanations have been provided as a convenience for students and do not constitute legal advice. Before using these sample letters or forms, it is highly recommended that you visit Student Legal Services (Chestnut Hall, Suite 115) for more complete information contained in our free pamphlets. In addition, students with legal dilemmas are encouraged to schedule an appointment with our licensed Texas attorney who can provide appropriate legal advice.

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Services Provided by Student Legal 

Consumer law
Debt collection; Auto purchases. Please visit our office if you ever get into this kind of trouble. We have...
By: Student Legal Services
Landlords & Tenants
Landlord/tenant issues can be complex and frustrating to students. While most Denton County landlords provide...
By: Student Legal Services
Employment Law
Unpaid wages. Discrimination. There are other ways of making sure you're properly compensated, and if...
By: Student Legal Services


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