L.E.A.D Mentoring

What is L.E.A.D Mentoring?

We provide additional services to incoming freshman participating in our program. Our job is to help our students grow into responsible, self-starting, and goal orientated individuals. During this process our L.E.A.D Mentoring captains will assist participants with skills necessary for academic persistence. The captains will also serve a valuable role in assisting students with study skills, life skills, time management, and financial aid. Taking pride in our program’s name Student Support Services, we accept the challenge to support and provide services to assist our student in accomplishing their goals with minimal stress. 

Fall Topics 

Academic: Time Management / Week of September 17th

Field Trip to Student Activities/Meadows Center / Week of September 24th

Money: Rolling in Cash / Week of October 1st

Field Trip: Learning Center / Week of October 8th

Venting: The Struggle is Real / Week of October 15th

Captains Choice / Week of October 22nd

Field Trip: Student Money Management Center/ Week of October 29th

Stress Relief: Slime / Week of November 5th

Field Trip: Greek Life / Week of November 12th

Meet Our Captains 


Become a Captain 

Becoming a L.E.A.D Mentoring Captain (LMC) takes a special kind of individual who has experienced walking through challenges and overcoming those significant challenges. This individual will have the capacity to share slices of their history and encourage, support, and coach mentees through their own struggles. Most importantly a GWC will serve as a knowledgeable resources for SSS freshman/first-year students to assist them in achieving their own personal, professional and academic endeavors.

If you’d like to apply as a LMC, we are currently accepting applications for the 2018-2019 academic year L.E.A.D Mentoring program. 

Applications are currently closed. 

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