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January 9 // Saturday Academic Meeting

January 23 // Saturday Academic Meeting

February 6// Saturday Academic Meeting

February 20 // Saturday Academic Meeting

March 20 // Saturday Academic Meeting

March 27 // Saturday Academic Meeting & Financial Aid Presentation 

April 10 // Saturday Academic Meeting

April 24 // Parent Day

May 15 // Saturday Academic Meeting


UBjectives Bonus Deadline: March 20, 2021

UBjective Deadline: April 24, 2021

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We do offer mid-week tutoring to a variety of subjects. Tutoring can be done in person (IP) or online. Online tutoring will be done using Zoom’s web conferencing website. You can either download the “Zoom Cloud Meeting” mobile application or directly access the session through their website.

PhotoStudy Tutoring

Get 24/7 live study help within seconds from a Tutor – anytime, anywhere. Help is available in the following STEM subject areas: Algebra, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus and more being added all the time.

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Preparing for College

Minnie Stevens Piper Compendium. The Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation has partnered with the Comptroller’s office to provide this list of Texas colleges and universities so that students can access information about tuition, admission requirements, application deadlines, financial aid data, and scholarships.

A screenshot of The Minnie Piper Foundation's website.


Texas Common Course Numbering System. Use this website to see if your dual credit courses will transfer to the college you are going to.

A screenshot of the TCCNS' website focusing on their search capability.

Summer Paperwork

Even though TRIO UB’s summer program will be all online we still need everyone to complete the summer paperwork. All four of the necessary documentation is provided below. Each document needs to be filled out completely and contain an electronic signature.

Summer Checklist Photo & Release Responsibility Statement Declaración de responsabilidad Medical Information
Icon of a PDF file Icon of a PDF file Icon of a PDF file Icon of a PDF file Icon of a PDF file
(English & Spanish) (English & Spanish) (English Only) (Solo Español) (English Only)

*In order to fill out the paperwork, you must download the files to your computer first. 

Submit Summer Paperwork

How to Sign PDF Documents 

Signatures cannot be just the first and last name typed out. Adobe Acrobat allows users to create a digital signature to match their actual in-person signature. We know that signing a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat can be a difficult process, especially if you do not know where to go. To help make this process easier we created a tutorial video that breaks down the steps to sign our summer paperwork. 

(If you have any issues with the video please message us at

TRIO UB Handbook

      Handbook       Manual

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Icon of a PDF file

Anonymous Feedback

This form is used for students to be able to inform staff about activities that they feel are concerning or goes against UB’s policies. Every complaint/concern given will be investigated by a UB staff member.

This is your program too! Your voice will be heard.

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