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Students in Upward Bound come from families where neither parent has earned a college degree or who will need financial assistance to pay for college. Approximately 70% of all Upward Bound participants must be members of traditionally underserved student groups (neither parent has earned a college degree and the student is low-income) while the remaining students must be one of those two or a student who is at high risk of academic failure).

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The guideline to determine income status is set by the Federal Government. They define the term "low-income individual" as an individual whose family's taxable income for the preceding year did not exceed 150 percent of the poverty level amount.

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Recruiting Process

The recruiting process starts in October and ends in early November. Over these two months, prospective students will attend three Saturday meetings where they will experience the Upward Bound program. During their time with us, they will also complete and turn in their application along with all of its parts. Once early November comes the staff will go through all applications that were submitted on time. Every student applying for the program will then receive a letter around the beginning of December informing them if they were accepted, waitlisted, or not accepted into the program.

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TRIO UB's recruitment sessions will be held on Zoom, a video conferencing platform. Each Saturday event will have a unique link sent out to students at least 48 hours before the session. To receive the Zoom link to students and their parents will need to fill out the TRIO UB's Interest Form. The Interest Form has five questions for the student and two for their parent. 

Interest Form 

*This form is required to be filled out before attending a Zoom session.


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The application is available now through our Lacai server. Both the student and their parent should be present to fill out the application. 

Below is a PDF copy of the Recommendation Form. This form should be either email or printed and given to the recommender at least two weeks before the deadline. Recommenders can either give the form back to the student or send the form directly to staff via email at 

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