Greek Ambassadors

Statement of Necessity

The Greek Ambassador program is necessary to more adequately promote the true purpose of fraternity and sorority life. All Greeks, no matter the letter, strive to live by high standards set forth by an inter/national organization. The Greek Ambassador program seeks to educate the local and UNT communities about the benefits of Greek membership while promoting change in false perceptions. Greek life is supported by data that indicates positive attributes associated with membership. This message is further communicated through the Greek Ambassador program. The program highlights the North Texas Greek community through the leadership of a select group of fraternity and sorority members.


The Greek Ambassadors at UNT serve to:

  1. Communicate the benefits of Greek Life to those inside and outside the Greek community.
  2. Seek change in negative perspectives of the Greek community.
  3. Impact the outlook of the faculty, staff, and students in regards to Greek Life.
  4. Further, connect Greek organizations to the University and Denton communities.
  5. Promote and increase Greek membership.