Greek Graduation Ceremony 

All students who participate in fraternity and sorority are acknowledged in the Greek Graduation Ceremony at the end of the semester.  All graduates receive a Fraternity and Sorority Life Involvement cord. 

The cords are gold, silver, and green with each color having a meaning.  Gold the color of success and achievement, in which every member strives for after graduation.  Silver represents the stability of the four pillars of fraternity and sorority life that every member pledges to uphold.  These four pillars are what every Greek man and woman live their daily lives by.  The four pillars are Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Brotherhood/Sisterhood.  Green is symbolic of the growth these individuals have undergone in their time as members of their fraternity or sorority while at UNT.  It is also symbolic of the new life they are about to enter into after receiving their diploma and becoming a representative of the University of North Texas to the rest of the world.

The three colors of the cord are bound together because "A cord of three strands is not easily broken."  With these three factors instilled into our members through the length of their time at the University of North Texas, they are ready to enter the working world with force and face any challenges that come their way.  The tassels at the end of the cord represent the success of the university in this individual, bound by the four pillars and principles of fraternity and sorority life.

We would also like to recognize the exemplary members of our community who are have been selected and hold a membership with 2 fraternity and sorority life national honorary societies Order of Omega and Rho Lambda.  Both are focused on leadership and values with a strong focus on academic excellence and achievement.  Members with gold and white cords represent Order of Omega and maroon and gold cords are Rho Lambda.