Eagle Camp

New School, New Friends & New Experiences

Eagle Camp is an optional next step that welcomes the entering students to UNT each year with the purpose of giving them an opportunity to have fun, make friends, and learn more about life at UNT. We hope that through Eagle Camp, you will begin finding your place in the UNT Family before classes even begin!

Summer/Fall Eagle Camp is a 3-day optional experience and tradition for incoming students. This camp is intended for new students who plan to begin their time at UNT in the fall semester. Summer/Fall Eagle Camp is scheduled in mid-August.

Camp North Texas is a 2-day optional experience for new students who start at UNT in the spring semester. Camp North Texas is scheduled in January.

Eagle Camp is hosted at Camp Copass in Denton, TX. Students ride buses from the UNT campus to Camp Copass, where they stay in air-conditioned, furnished cabins. Eagle Camp is led by UNT students and staff who are passionate about making the first year of college a success for the incoming students! Every leader has valuable personal experiences to offer advice about classes, fun things to do in Denton, and anything else you need as you begin your journey as an Eagle!

Eagle Camp is NOT Freshman Orientation.

Why Eagle Camp?

Getting Connected 

Eagle Camp is a great way for entering students to build new friendships before starting classes at UNT. Camp offers several activities and unique experiences, small group sessions and much more! Campers have multiple opportunities to get connected.

Getting Involved 

Students who attend camp become involved in student organizations and serve in leadership positions throughout their college career at UNT. At camp, exceptional student leaders and staff motivate and encourage campers to contribute their time and talent in making a difference as an Eagle.

Becoming an Eagle 

Eagle Camp is full of activities and events that offer students a chance to grow in their understanding of the tradition and mission of UNT. Additionally, students are directly connected to upper class eagle camp leaders who answer questions and address concerns you might have about starting college at UNT.

2017 Eagle Camp Highlights 

Friday Night Highlight

Speaker Chris Collins will be giving "The Code" that every college student needs to be successful. After learning "The Code", every college student will be able to master any challenges in their way!

Saturday Night Highlight

Silent Events will be hosting Eagle Camp's 4th annual Silent Disco! It has been such a hit the last few years, we had to bring it back! Make sure to check out last year's photos on our Facebook page, and click here to see what more info about Silent Events.

How do I sign up? 

Registration for 2019 Spring Eagle Camp will open December 7, 2018 and will close January 4, 2019.

Space is limited so register early!

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