Why Give

Going to college is a remarkable testament to the PUSH student’s determination to succeed. Many students do not have a forever family to provide emotional or financial support during college. Help our PUSH students’ transition to UNT and beyond as they start their journey to becoming University of North Texas Alumni!

Ways to Give

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Housing Needs

  • Year-Round Housing Support (per student)- $6,800
    • When residence halls close, PUSH students may not have a place to sleep. Many of these students may be homeless during the winter and summer seasons. PUSH seeks to help students have permanent, safe, and secure housing by providing funding for on-campus housing throughout the year.
  • Summer Bridge Program (per student)- $3,000
    • Help PUSH students in their transition to UNT through funding one student’s experience in the Summer Bridge Program. These students will not only have a place to live and a meal plan, but they will earn college credit, all while transitioning over to college.
  • Welcome Kits (per student)- $150-$200
    • Many PUSH students may not have family to support them when they leave high school and being their college experiences. Basic living items are not always available. Items in the Welcome Kit include bedding, pillows, mattress topper, towels, laundry supplies, hangers, trash bins, lamp, and desk organizer.


  • Donations to PUSH snack time
    • Being hungry can seriously harm a students’ ability to focus on learning. PUSH provides students with snacks during study halls and meetings. Donations of snack items are accepted throughout the year. 
  • Year-Round Meal Plan (per student)- $5,325
    • Food insecurity is a pressing issue for many students, particularly our PUSH students. When a student is hungry, they may not be able to focus on learning. By providing a meal plan to PUSH students, they can gain access to daily meals, to allow them to focus on earning their degree.

School Supplies

  • School Supply Packs(per student)- $200
    • School supply packs include backpacks, pencils, pens, paper, binders, folders, post-it notes and other items to help students be successful in the classroom. 
  • Textbook Assistance (per student)- $350
    • Textbooks are expensive! The average college student spends $350 per semester on required textbooks for their classes. These donations will help offset the costs of these books.


  • Personal Items (per student)- $50
    • These items can include soap, deodorant, shampoo and other items for person hygiene.


Thank you to the following donors: