Academic Support

Students are connected with academic support services on campus including academic advising and support programs such as TRIO, the First-Gen Center, tutoring services through the UNT Learning Center which provides one on one tutoring, drop in tutoring, or online tutoring resources. 

Financial Support

The UNT Financial Aid and Scholarships Office and the UNT Student Money Management Center provide students the financial resources and coaching necessary to manage multiple sources of financial aid, grants, tuition and fee waivers and other forms of student income.  Personal and confidential consultations help guide students to meet their short and long-term financial goals and ensure they maintain a budget that will allow them to have the financial resources they need throughout the year.

Have a College Tuition and Fee Waiver?  No problem!  We understand this important financial resource and will help get student accounts squared away. Students who have a Texas Department of Family and Protective Services tuition and fee waiver letter should submit to this email address: including your full legal name, and UNT student ID number.

Job Support and Career Development

Many students at UNT hold part-time jobs on and off campus to help them pay the costs associated with college. The UNT Career Center is a useful resource to help connect students with opportunities for work-study, meeting with a career adviser, taking a career assessment, receiving help writing an effective resume, practicing interviewing skills and finding internships

Social Support

One of the most exciting and important aspects of college life is the development of a social life and newfound relationships. At UNT there are many opportunities for students to make new friends and life-long connections with others. The PUSH program encourages foster care alumni to make meaningful connections through peer and faculty mentorship. 

The PUSH student organization offers students the opportunity to meet others with similar experiences and journeys on their way to adulthood and college.  This organization was created by foster care alumni to raise awareness in the public and university communities about the experiences of youth in the foster care system and to promote academic excellence, positive social support and fellowship among foster care alumni at UNT.  PUSH members meet regularly to encourage each other's success in college, speak publicly to increase awareness about experiences of youth in foster care and to teach child advocates about how they can better serve children.