Scrappy the Mascot with Mean Green Jersery on

About Scrappy

The student body chose the Eagle as our mascot in 1922 for its keen eye, strength, independence and loyalty. In 1950, students named the first live bird mascot "Scrappy," which later became the name of the human mascot. The Eagle was known by other names through the years, including "Eppy" in the 1980s. But in 1995, our modern-day Scrappy returned to the nest as the Mean Green's biggest fan.

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The History Behind the Mascot

Scrappy's Birthday Bash

  • Scrappy the mascot dancing with another mascot in the background.
  • Scrappy the Mascot and Cheerleaders
  • Group photo of Scrappy the Mascot, U.N.T. Cheerleaders and other mascots.
  • Scrappy the Mascot sitting with other mascots
  • Scrappy the Mascot inside green vintage car.
  •  Students with birthday hat eating snow cones and ice cream

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