Eagle Awards

Every year, Student Activities collaborates with the Center for Leadership and Service and Multicultural Center in the nomination and selection of several awards that recognize outstanding student organizations and individual leadership. At the Eagle Awards ceremony, exceptional students, organizations, and advisors are recognized. 

Check out the recording of our Spring 2021 hybrid Eagle Awards Ceremony on YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rg7zY00-Bk&t=27s

Eligibility for Awards

For organizational awards, only student organizations registered with Student Activities are eligible. Registered student organizations and individuals may not win the same award in consecutive years. For individual awards, only current students, staff, and faculty affiliated with registered student organizations are eligible, assuming they meet all individual award criteria, which may include academic and disciplinary standing, GPA, and/or hours at UNT.

With the exception of the Golden Eagle Award, there is no self-nomination for individual awards; people may only be nominated by someone else (e.g., student leader, advisor, staff member). The Golden Eagle Award is only by self-nomination (i.e., application). Eligibility for the Golden Eagle Award does not require student organization involvement; all student leaders are eligible and encouraged to apply if they meet all award eligibility criteria. 

If you have any questions regarding eligibility or selection considerations, contact Student Activities at student.activities@unt.edu  or (940) 565.3807


Students, Faculty, and Staff Members of UNT, Eagle Awards is fast approaching! We are humbly asking for your help in judging the applicants! The chosen recipients will be honored at the Eagle Awards banquet in April. Should you agree, you will be provided with applications and a judging rubric at the end of March. Then, you will have a week to return your scores. Our goal is to have each person only judge one award!

If you are interested in judging, and we hope you are, you can check back here to sign up for Eagle Awards 2022! Thank you!

Spring 2022 Eagle Award Nominations Will Open Late Fall 2021

*Indicates an award that is presented to an individual. All other awards are presented to registered student organizations

The Multicultural Center presents three awards honoring students who promote diversity and inclusion within the UNT community:

  • CommUNiTy Activist – Individual Award Application*:
    • Honors a student who demonstrates a significant and exceptional commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion within the UNT community. 
  • CommUNiTy Activist – Organization Award Application:
    • Honors a UNT organization with extraordinary dedication towards enhancing the community as a whole. 
  • Women Breaking Barriers Award*:  
    • Honors a woman or feminine identifying student leader who inspires other women to work towards their fullest potential. 

The Center for Leadership and Service presents three awards: 

  • Emerging Student Leader*: 
    • Honors an outstanding leader who has made a significant impact on their organization. 
  • Outstanding Student Volunteer*:
    • Honors a UNT student who demonstrates exceptional commitment to serving others and whose efforts have made a difference in the community and/or on campus. 
  • Student Organization Virtual Community Service Award: 
    • Honors a student organization that has demonstrated an organization-wide commitment to service to the community. 

Student Activities presents the following awards:​​​​​​

  • Advisor of the Year*: 
    • Honors one UNT faculty or staff member who contributes time and expertise in a volunteer capacity to a student organization at UNT.
  • Graduate Student Officer of the Year*: 
    • Honors an outstanding graduate student leader who made a significant impact on their organization. 
  • James Carl Matthews Student Organization President of the Year*: 
    • Honors a president of a registered student organization who has demonstrated a high level of leadership and involvement in their organization. 
  • New Student Organization of the Year: 
    • Honors a newly created student organization at UNT that has already contributed excellent service and leadership to the University community or constituent group.
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement*: 
    • ​​​​​​​Recognizes the exceptional balance of participation in extracurricular involvement with a commitment to academics.
  • Outstanding Student Organization Virtual Event: 
    • ​​​​​​​Honors a registered student organization that has developed a program or event that has impacted the University and/or local community.
  • Spirited Eagle*: 
    • ​​​​​​​Honors one student at UNT that has shown incredible school spirit to the University and Denton communities
  • Student Organization of the Year: 
    • ​​​​​​​Honors one registered student organization at UNT that has contributed excellent service and leadership to the University community or constituent group. 
  • Undergraduate Student Officer of the Year*:   
    • Honors an outstanding undergraduate student officer who made a significant impact on their organization.
  • Golden Eagle*: 
    • ​​​​​​​The most prestigious award that UNT bestows upon a student leader. Recipients are those who show a tremendous commitment to co-curricular activities and enhancing campus life at UNT by engaging in considerable service and displaying great leadership, all while achieving excellence in the classroom. 


Golden Eagle Award

​​​​​​​Past Eagle Award Winners

Award Winner Bricks

Those who receive an Eagle Award will have their award showcased on an engraved brick at the Alumni Pavillion. Bricks from Spring 2021 will be added in Spring 2022.

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