Eagle Awards

Every year, Student Activities coordinates the nomination and selection of several awards that recognize outstanding student organizations and individual leadership. At the Eagle Awards banquet on April 20 (Note- More information to come in regards to how COVID-19 may change event plans), we will recognize those exceptional students, organizations, and advisors.


The Multicultural Center presents three awards honoring students who promote diversity and inclusion within the UNT community:

The Center for Leadership and Service presents three awards:

Student Activities presents the following awards:

*Indicates an award that is presented to an individual. All other awards are presented to registered student organizations.

The deadline to apply/nominate for all Eagle Awards is April 5th at 11 pm.

Golden Eagle Award

In connection to UNT's 125th anniversary celebrated in 2015-2016, the Center for Leadership and Service and Student Activities created the Golden Eagle Award. The Golden Eagle Award is the most prestigious award that UNT bestows on a student leader. Any student who has been a leader in campus life, student organizations, athletics, research, activism, mentorship, etc. and has had a positive and meaningful impact on the UNT community is encouraged to apply for the 5th class of the Golden Eagle. The recipients are those who show a tremendous commitment to co-curricular activities and enhancing campus life at UNT by engaging in considerable service and displaying great leadership, all while achieving excellence in the classroom. 

Template Record of Activities 

Symbolism for the Award

For centuries, golden eagles have been revered in many cultures around the world. They have a flying ability that surpasses all other eagles, symbolizing the highest-regarded leadership ability among student-leaders. They fly with purpose and soar higher and faster than other animal species, symbolizing their drive and far-reaching influence and impact. While many eagles are known for their strong voices, golden eagles have a tendency to be soft-spoken, symbolizing the ability to lead by actions more than words. Finally, the golden eagle has a long life-span, symbolizing the ability to leave a lasting legacy.

Eligibility for Awards

For organizational awards, only student organizations registered with Student Activities are eligible. Registered student organizations and individuals may not win the same award in consecutive years. For individual awards, only current students, staff, and faculty affiliated with registered student organizations are eligible, assuming they meet all individual award criteria, which may include academic and disciplinary standing, GPA, and/or hours at UNT.

With the exception of the Golden Eagle Award, there is no self-nomination for individual awards; people may only be nominated by someone else (e.g., student leader, advisor, staff member). The Golden Eagle Award is only by self-nomination (i.e., application).

Eligibility for the Golden Eagle Award does not require student organization involvement; all student leaders are eligible and encouraged to apply if they meet all award eligibility criteria. 


If you have any questions regarding eligibility or selection considerations, contact Student Activities at student.activities@unt.edu  or (940) 565.3807

Eagle Awards

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