Student organizations must register with Student Activities annually in order to receive the privileges of being registered. 

If your organization registered during the 2023-2024 academic year, click "Returning Organization Registration" below for information about 2024-2025 registration dates and the process to get registered.

If your organization is new or was dissolved (went one academic year without registering), click "New Organization Registration" below for information about 2024-2025 dates and the process to get approved and registered.

Privileges of Registration

Registration with Student Activities has its privileges, as indicated in UNT Policy 07.019. Only currently registered student organizations are entitled to the following:

  • Opportunity to hold meetings and other activities in university facilities at no cost or a reduced rate established by the facility.
  • Eligibility to apply for Eagle's Nest and Raupe Travel Grant funding from the Student Government Association for qualifying uses and to receive funds and access to resources provided by University departments.
  • Opportunity to apply for storage space in the University Union.
  • 100 free black and white copies per semester, from Student Activities.
  • Opportunity to participate, as a student organization, in University-sponsored events (e.g., Homecoming, Mean Green Fling, New Student Orientation).
  • Opportunity to use the name of the University as part of its student organization name and use the University trademarks, logos, and other UNT works in conjunction with projects benefiting the university, with express permission and approval as provided for in UNT policy.
  • Recognition in the OrgSync online student organization database.
  • Opportunity to co-program with University departments.
  • A limited quantity of free copies from Student Activities.
  • Opportunity to use campus advertising mediums on a space-available basis to advertise organizational activities and membership, subject to University policy.
  • Opportunity to set up free or low-cost banking on-campus.
  • Opportunity to establish dues and sponsor fundraising projects.
  • Ability to invite guest speakers to campus.
  • Opportunity to grant awards and honors to members.

Organizations that partake in the privileges above without being registered with Student Activities are in violation of University Policy and are subject, as individuals and organizations, to being held responsible according to the Code of Student Conduct.

Denial of Request for Registration

Student Activities may deny a request to register a student organization:

  1. if it fails to comply with UNT Policy 07.012, Code of Student Conduct, and other applicable UNT policies;
  2. if it creates a substantial disruption on campus;
  3. to prevent organizational activity that is itself illegal under state or federal law;
  4. if it is a duplicate of the mission or purpose of an existing registered student organization; or
  5. if it is set up such that any individual benefits monetarily from its existence.