Risk Management

In 2007, the 80th Texas Legislature added section 51.9361 to the Texas Education Code regarding risk management training of officers and advisors of student organizations. It requires the university covers 8 different topics related to risk management: alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs, hazing, sexual abuse and harassment, fire and other safety issues, travel, behavior at parties, adoption of a risk management policy and issues regarding persons with disabilities. Advisors are required to attend risk management training once and specified officers are required to attend annually. These officers and advisors are required to report on the training's content at a meeting of the full membership of the organization.

Registered student organizations receive risk management training via the officer who completes mandatory Student Organization Orientation annually and the advisor who completes Risk Management training once during their tenure. 

Per 51.9361, a student organization leader or advisor who completes Risk Management training must report the contents of the program at the next full meeting of the student organization membership.