What exactly IS the Transfer Center?

GREAT question! We are a one-stop-shop for any information about campus life. We are staffed by Transfer Ambassadors, which are current undergraduate students who have transferred to UNT themselves. They plan our events, answer the phones and emails, and serve as peer mentors to new transfer students! While we cannot make determinations of specific courses that will transfer beyond the Transfer Guides and Texas Common Course Number System courses (a Transfer Counselor in the Admissions Office can help with that!) you can contact our Transfer Ambassadors about steps to get started with the transfer process, as well as information about the UNT and Denton communities! Our Transfer Ambassadors also assist with Transfer Orientation and prospective student events! Once you arrive at UNT you will be able to participate in the events and transfer communities that we have planned and catered towards transfer students. We are located in Union 377 and we have free lockers available for you to use year-round!

Where is Union 377?

We are under the Orientation & Transition Programs department so when you walk into the Union coming from the Library Mall, you will already be on the correct floor. Go all the way to the back of the union, through the double glass doors on the left next to the stairway and go all the way back to the end of the hallway into the OTP office and we are located right in there!

How can I check on the status of my transcripts/admission status?

Though we are the Transfer Center, we don't deal with the actual logistics of transferring, this falls under Admissions! If you have questions regarding application status you can first login to your myUNT and check online. If submitting official transcripts is still on your "To Do List" on your myUNT or you have questions regarding your transcripts or any important documents you have submitted you can contact at Transfer Counselor in the Admissions office at (940)565-2681.

How can I know which of my classes will transfer?

If you're transferring from a University or Community College in Texas that uses the Texas Common Course Numbering System, you may be able to see how your credits transfer into your specific desired degree plan by selecting your desired major at http://registrar.unt.edu/transfer-guides.  It is highly recommend that you take a Transfer Guide of your desired major to your academic advisor at your current institution so you plan ahead to make sure the classes you're taking at your current institution are on track with your desired degree plan!

You can also see the comparison guide of courses offered at each particular school to what is offered at UNT at https://www.tccns.org. This website allows you to enter in your previous institution as well as your future institution (Ex: DCCCD Eastfield compare with UNT) and then a course numbering guide will be on the next page with the equivalent of a class you've taken at one or the other!

Ex: If you're Transferring from A&M to UNT and you've taken Fundamentals of Chemistry: Chem 101 the equivalent course for UNT would be General Chemistry: Chem 1311 and the credit should transfer!

If you are coming from out of state or a private institution, you can check https://www.transferology.com/school/unt or contact a Transfer Counselor in the Admissions Office! If you don't see many courses from current or former institution, don't panic- this website is not always kept up to date.

I've searched those websites you recommended, and I'm still confused. Is there anyone I can talk to?

The Transfer Counselors through the Office of Admissions are here to help! They can look at and evaluate your specific degree plan and talk you through your options. They can also assist you through the transfer process in general. Call or email a Transfer Counselor at https://transfernow.unt.edu/contact-us. Depending on your current institution, you may even be able to select a specific counselor who is the liaison for your school!

I'm worried about paying for school, what kind of financial aid can I receive?

There are opportunities to receive grants, loans, scholarships, and work study here at UNT. You can find more information on how to apply for each of these at http://financialaid.unt.edu/. For financial aid, make sure you complete your FAFSA before the priority deadline (generally in early March), and then follow instructions on your my.unt.edu page to accept (or decline) your awards. As a transfer student, you must be admitted to UNT, maintain at least a half-time class load, and cancel all pending financial aid offers/awards from your previous institution(s). Remember to also fill out the General Scholarship Application by March 1st of each year to apply for UNT scholarships! Once you've updated your information on that site, you can search through UNT's opportunities and external scholarship offers.

Can I schedule an appointment with an advisor for my major?

If you are a prospective transfer student, we recommend speaking with a Transfer Counselor about your specific college first. They can be reached at the admissions office at (940)-565-2681 or by email at unt.transfer@unt.edu. We also recommend contacting your specific college. Only certain colleges list planned prospective student advising, however, all incoming transfer students will meet with their academic advisor at Orientation! The colleges who meet with prospective students are as follows:

College of Engineering: https://engineering.unt.edu/advisors

College of Education: https://www.coe.unt.edu/student-advising-office/undergraduate-advising/prospective-student-advising-session

College of Music: https://music.unt.edu/advising/prospective

College of Visual Arts and Design: http://cvadforms.unt.edu/prospective-student-advising

If you are a current student, check on your college or department's website for specific advising information! You should receive emails alerting you about dates for advising and course registration. Keep in mind, if you are a transfer student in your FIRST semester at UNT, you are required to meet with your academic advisor in order to register for classes. After the first semester, it is simply recommended as good practice to make sure you're on track to graduate!

I'M IN! Now what?

Congratulations! Welcome to the Mean Green Family! First thing to do at this point is to set up your UNT email so you can start receiving all of the very important emails from UNT that will now start going to your student account. To do this, first make sure your account is activated at: https://ams.unt.edu/. Steps are provided to activate your myUNT and email account if you have not done so already. Once your account has been activated, log into your myUNT and click on the “email” tab on the left side. From there, you can log into your email using the student email address that you saw on the Account Management Services website and your password. If you have any issues with your email or myUNT, please contact the UNT Help Desk at 940-565-2324 as soon as possible!

The next step, is to register for your Orientation Session

I attended Orientation at my previous institution, do I still have to attend Orientation for UNT?

Yes, Orientation is mandatory for all new students prior to enrolling in classes at UNT. Orientation is designed to acquaint new students with UNT's approach to academic success, as well as the resources unique to this university. At Orientation, students will become familiar with the resource offered to them and receive academic advising before registering for classes. You can view a brief overview of orientation schedule and dates at http://orientation.unt.edu.

How do I register for Orientation?

Students may register online through their MyUNT portal. Log into your MyUNT at https://my.unt.edu/ with your EUID and password and click “Student Center”. From there, you will scroll down and click where it says “Register for Orientation”. If you do not have access to a computer or need any assistance, please contact the office of Orientation and Transition Programs Office at 940-565-4198.   

How do I purchase a parking pass?

Students may select the type of parking pass they would like at http://transportation.unt.edu/UNTParkingPermits.html. Once you click this link you will click “Purchase a Permit” then continue to log in with your EUID and password. Make sure that you have all of your vehicle information on you before you begin filling out information to purchase your permit.

What are some options for housing?

For dorm living, the UNT housing website has several options. Please be sure to look at the different learning communities which may align with your academic interest located in each of the residence halls (they have specific ones). Once you've decided which residence hall you prefer, be sure to follow the options here: http://housing.unt.edu/housing_application_walkthrough.  If you're looking for off campus options or ideas, Be sure to look at the different apartment options and rates here: https://offcampushousing.unt.edu/

How can I learn more about getting involved?

If you're looking to get involved with organizations on campus, we highly recommend using OrgSync http://unt.orgsync.com/search, an online listing of all the UNT campus organizations. If you're looking to Student Leadership roles, The Student Activities Center also provide a listing of their events to get students involved on campus: /student-activities-center/programs-and-services[BROKEN LINK]. Make sure to check out flyers posted around campus for more information about club/organization meetings as well!

Is 10 minutes enough time to get across campus?

During your first semester at UNT, we would not recommend scheduling classes across campus in 10 minutes. For example: Gateway is one of the farther class locations from any building except the Business Leadership Building (BLB) and could take 15 minutes~ to walk to when you're getting used to campus. At the time of registration, there will be people assisting you with small things like instructions on how to register and can answer questions about building locations! Once you know campus, 10 minutes to get across campus may be cutting it short, but is possible!

How do I find an on campus job?

Every single position open to students on campus will be listed under our job networking site Eagle Careers: /career-center/eagle-careers

Make sure to follow the instructions of applying carefully because some offices may require a physical application as well as an online application before any interviewing happens. On-campus jobs are competitive so make sure to prepare the best you can!

How do I use the bus?

DCTA Campus Connect and Transit are free for UNT students. DCTA provides buses to stops across campus, TWU, and Denton. To find the route that suits your needs, visit transportation.unt.edu/routes_sched.html

Where can I eat when I'm on campus?

We highly recommend checking out the available meal-plan options, which allow you to take advantage of UNT's fantastic cafeterias. A meal-plan may come with flex dollars, which allow you to buy meals tax-free at campus restaurants. Some on campus options include:

Campus Chat Food Court: The campus chat, located on the second floor of the union, has several food options. They have Boar's Head Deli which provides delicious deli sandwiches. There is Chopt, which is a fully stocked salad station which also offer an assortment of vegan and gluten free options. Then there is Mia's Pizza which serves Neapolitan-style pizza and lasagna. There is also a customizable noodle bar called Saute and lastly a sushi bar as well. There is every option out there so make sure to stop by.

Burger King: Located on the second floor of the union, Burger king offers their famous whopper, fries, and shake. Stop by and indulge guilt free.

Fuzzy's Taco Shop: Located in the Syndicate, come enjoy some Baja-style tacos while relaxing with friends.

Chick-Fil-A: Located on the second floor, Chick-Fil-A is a UNT favorite. Can't get enough of those amazing chicken sandwiches and waffle fries

Jamba Juice: Located on the first floor in Barnes and Nobles, provides a wide selection of smoothies and juices. If you need an extra burst of energy make sure you stop by here.

Krispy Krunchy: Located on the second floor, Krispy Krunchy provides Cajun style bone-in chicken and tenders, shrimp, and breakfast items. Craving some amazing chicken, this is the place to go.

Taco Bueno: Located on the second floor, Taco Bueno has some amazing fresh Tex-Mex. Enjoy fresh tacos, burritos, and quesadillas everyday

Starbucks: Located on the second floor, this Starbucks is UNT's one and only fully sized location. Bring a study buddy while drinking some amazing coffee.

Which Wich: Located on the first floor, this sandwich shop offers a variety of different delicious combinations. Enjoy a super sandwich or a nutritious Bowlwich sandwich.

Khush Roti: Located between the GAB and the Union, Khush Roti serves international pressed sandwiches. They serve meat, but also cater to vegans and vegetarians.