Related Policies

While not an exhaustive list, these are the most common UNT policies related to events. If an organization wishes to conduct certain activities (e.g., sell items or bring food) related to the event, the organization may be required to complete additional forms.

Failure to follow any UNT policy may be referred to the Dean of Students for possible conduct sanctioning. As such, representatives should review and understand their responsibilities. All may be found at

Solicitation, Signs, and Posting Policy

  •  Information regarding solicitation on campus, which includes sales, recruitment, placing of signs and posters, and other activities that may benefit an individual or group.

Use of Alcoholic Beverages

  •  Information regarding the existence of alcohol on campus, including guidelines for student organizations desiring to sell, serve, or consume alcohol on campus.

Facilities Use Coordination

  • Information related to policies, charges, Event Safety Committee, and facility use at UNT.

Pre-Final Week and Final Examinations

  • Information regarding events and meetings during “dead” or finals weeks.

Prohibition of Camping on University Property

  •  Information about overnight events on campus.

Free Speech and Public Assembly on Campus Grounds

  • Information about policies that apply to all outdoor activities and events (e.g., sound amplification, outdoor structures or exhibits).