The following guidelines must be read before submitting a room request form.
Our room request form is for UNT Departments to reserve General Purpose Classroom (code: 110) space.  We DO NOT reserve labs, conference rooms, or lounge/atrium areas.  Please call us if you need clarification: 940-565-3804.
  • Reservation requests are not accepted over the phone.
  • Reservation requests are processed in the order in which they have been received.
  • UNAVAILABLE DATES:  We are unable to book rooms during the Final Exam period.
    • Please Note:  We cannot preempt the Registrar's office when fulfilling reservation requests. Reservation requests placed for upcoming semesters will be held until classrooms for that semester have been released by the Registrar. Requests will be placed in our file to be scheduled once the Registrar's office releases the availability.  We will process them in the order received.
  • Four-Day Rule - Reservation requests and reservation changes must be submitted at least four days in advance of your event or meeting, due to University risk management and safety requirements.
    • Example: Today is Thursday, February 11th - your event must occur on or after Monday, February 15th.  If you have an emergency situation and are in need of a room before the four-day minimum, please email with a brief explanation of your situation and all pertinent event details (per the room reservation request form).
  • ALL reservations, ALL buildings:
    • PLEASE do NOT move furniture within the classroom, and do NOT borrow furniture from other classrooms.
    • Signs CANNOT be taped on doors, walls, etc. based on UNT Policy 11.003.  (If room signs have holders, these can be used to affix signs if needed.)
    • Reserving a classroom in ANY building does NOT include the use of the hallways and common areas.  (In BLB, prior approval by the College of Business Dean's office 940-565-4333 must be obtained to use these areas).
  • BLB and GATEWAY reservations:  Catering in BLB must be approved before your event by the College of Business Dean's office (940-565-4333).  Catering in Gateway Center must be approved by the Gateway Center's office (940-369-8334).

Room Access and Custodial Services

  • This classroom request form is for UNT departments to reserve General Purpose Classroom (code: 110) space for departmental activities.  We DO NOT reserve labs, conference rooms, or lounge/atrium areas, nor do we reserve space for student organization activities.  Please call if you need clarification: 940-565-3811 or 940-565-3804. Requests for student organization activities should be submitted via the Student Org Event Application.

  • If your event is after normal business hours (business hours are Monday - Friday from 8 am-5 pm), please be advised that the door to your reserved room may be locked. It is YOUR responsibility to contact David Barkenhagen ( or 940-369-7311) in advance to arrange for interior door access and custodial services. Charges may apply.
  • If an exterior building door is locked, please contact Access Control at 940-565-4888.
  • After hours cleaning or excessive trash left from your event may incur additional charges.

*For classroom reservations please email us at or call us at 940-565-3804*