Art Workshops

Want to make a theremin synthesizer?  How about a macramé plant hanger or watercolor portrait? We offer exciting informal art workshops, in a relaxed and unpretentious environment to help you get creative and take your mind off your regular classes for awhile, as well as to discover and foster new skills and talents you never knew you had!

The workshops are usually led by some of the DFW area’s top artists, so you have an amazing opportunity to learn from the best-- right here on campus and absolutely free!

Due to the type of event and materials involved, we often have to keep our workshops small. Space at our workshops is, therefore, very limited.  The best way to ensure entrance is to arrive early (15-20min).   Very rarely we will have electronic sign-ups for more selective workshops that require previous skills.

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Spring 2022

Poster for the UNT Art Mart

UNT Art Mart // Thursday, April 14th, 12-6pm | Library Mall 

Poster for the Drop-in Screen Printing Union Art Workshop

Screenprinting // Monday, April 18th, 3-5pm | Union 333





Candle Making with Candle Ghoul

Artist Talk and Bogolan Workshop with Souleymane Ouologuem

Beginning Embroidery with Good Fibrations


Fall 2021

African Calabash Vessel led by Jessica Hurd 

Turkish Marbling with Brandon Nichols

Plush Skeleton

Pom Pom


Spring 2021

Poembutter - Loré Yessuff

3D Paper Dinosaur - Lora O'Shaughnessy

Tiny Terrains - Rachel Fischer

Fall 2020

Sun Prints

Skeleton Felt Puppet- Lora O'Shaughnessy


Spring 2020

Felting- Abby Sherril

Poseable Plushie- Lora O'Shaughnessy

Stitched Structures - Abby Sherril

Fall 2019

Song Writing Workshop - Emily Busch

Plush Skeleton - led by Lora O'Shaughnessy 

Pom Pom Keychain - led by Niki Dionne

Embroidery - with Jackie Lawrence

Spring 2019

Screen Printing with James Jenkins

Felted Forms with Abby Sherrill

Macrame Plant Hangers - with Analise Minjarez

Felt Banners - with KB Illustration

Touchable Paintings with Rachel Fischer

Hand Lettering with Emile Stewart of Wildflower Studios

Fall 2018

DIY Stamp Patch - with Analise Minjarez

Expressive Charcoal Techniques - with Zarina Kay

Indigo Shibori - with Analise Minjarez 

Felted Forms - with Abby Sherrill

Screen Printing - with James Jenkins

Monster Lab - with Lora O'Shaughnessy

Spring 2018

Sun Prints – with Erica Garza

Synthesizer Building – with James Akers

Watercolor Botanicals – with Zarina Karapetyan

Macrame Plant Hanger– with Analise Minjarez

Ink Painting – with Rachel Fischer

Marbling on Silk- with Shannon Driscoll

Stitched Structures –with Abby Sherril

Screen Printing– with James Jenkins

Fall 2017

Indigo Shibori –  with Analise Minjarez

Turkish Marbling – with Brandon Nichols

Brush Lettering – with Emile Stewart

Touchable Painting – with Rachel Fischer

Piñata Banner – with Giovanni Valderas

Synthesizer Building – with James Akers

Tiny Terrain – with Rachel Fischer

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