Jazz Music in the Union


Live Music Schedule

UNT is home to Grammy nominated student ensembles. Hear them in the Union!

Kicking off on September 13 and going until November 30, UNT jazz bands play four times a week, live in the Syndicate. The overarching schedule is as follows:

Tuesdays: 9pm to 12am
Jazz Ensembles

Wednesdays: 9pm to 12am
Lab Bands

Thursdays: 12pm to 12:50pm
Jazz Chamber Music

Fridays: 12pm to 12:50pm
Jazz Ensembles


Wanting to hear a particular band? Check out the detailed, date-by-date calendar. 

Tuesday, September 13 9pm to 12am Jazz Strings Lab/U-Tubes
Wednesday, September 14 9pm to 12am One O’Clock Lab Band
Thursday, September 15 12pm to 12:50pm Flying Tomato Combo
Friday, September 16 12pm to 12:50pm Super 400 Guitar Ensemble
Tuesday, September 20 9pm to 12am Latin Jazz Lab
Wednesday, September 21 9pm to 12am Two O'Clock Lab Band
Thursday, September 22 12pm to 12:50pm Green House Combo
Friday, September 23 12pm to 12:50pm U-Tubes
Tuesday, September 27 9pm to 12am Jazz Chamber Music - Sweetwater & Silverleaf Combos
Wednesday, September 28 9pm to 12am Three O'Clock Lab Band
Thursday, September 29 12pm to 12:50pm Paschall Combo
Friday, September 30 12pm to 12:50pm L-5 Guitar Ensemble
Tuesday, October 4 9pm to 12am Zebras
Wednesday, October 5 9pm to 12am Four & Five O'Clock Lab Bands
Thursday, October 6 12pm to 12:50pm Abbey Combo
Friday, October 7 12pm to 12:50pm Zebras
Tuesday, October 11 9pm to 12am L-5/Super 400 Guitar Ensembles
Wednesday, October 12 9pm to 12am Six & Seven O'Clock Lab Bands
Thursday, October 13 12pm to 12:50pm Banter Combo
Friday, October 14 12pm to 12:50pm Jazz Singers
Tuesday, October 18 9pm to 12am Jazz Singers
Wednesday, October 19 9pm to 12am Latin Jazz Lab Band
Thursday, October 20 12pm to 12:50pm J&Js Combo
Friday, October 21 12pm to 12:50pm Avenue C
Tuesday, October 25 9pm to 12am U-Tubes/Jazz Strings Lab
Wednesday, October 26 9pm to 12am One O'Clock Lab Band
Thursday, October 27 12pm to 12:50pm Steve's Combo
Friday, October 28 12pm to 12:50pm Third Street
Tuesday, November 1 9pm to 12am Guest Artist: U.S. Navy Commodores
Wednesday, November 2 9pm to 12am Zebras
Thursday, November 3 12pm to 12:50pm Uncommon Ground Combo
Friday, November 4 12pm to 12:50pm West End
Tuesday, November 8 9pm to 12am L-5/Super 400 Guitar Ensembles
Wednesday, November 9 9pm to 12am Three O'Clock Lab Bands
Thursday, November 10 12pm to 12:50pm Harvest Combo
Friday, November 11 12pm to 12:50pm Jazz Strings Lab
Tuesday, November 15 9pm to 12am Avenue C/Jazz Vocal Combo/West End
Wednesday, November 16 9pm to 12am Five & Four O'Clock Lab Bands
Thursday, November 17 12pm to 12:50pm Benny's Combo
Friday, November 18 12pm to 12:50pm One O-Clock Lab Band
Tuesday, November 29 9pm to 12am Jazz Vocal Combo/Songwriters Showcase
Wednesday, November 30 9pm to 12am Seven & Six O'Clock Lab Bands

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