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UNT Union Festival of the Arts - - 2020

Event Summary:

UNT's inaugural art market!  The Union Festival of the Arts is a gathering for all things creative and crafty. Peruse dozens of local makers showcasing their art, crafts, prints, diy creations, etc. Special performances and interactive workshops throughout the day!



UNT Library Mall (outdoor area between University Union/Eagle Student Service Center, Hurley Administration Building, and Willis Library)

Rain Site:  Union Ballroom -- Room # 314

Festival Date and hours:

Thursday, March 19, 1pm-7pm


General Information:

Application Dates: January 13 - February 24, 2020

Jury Process: February 25-28, 2020

Notification and Booth Assignments: March 2, 2020

Accept Invitation to Participate Deadline: March 9, 2020

Event Date: Thursday, March 19

Event Hours: 1pm-7pm

Venue: UNT Library Mall (outdoor area between University Union/Eagle Student Service Center, Hurley Administration Building, and Willis Library)

Application fee: n/a (free)

Spaces: 10x10 space

Provided: One 6 foot table and two chairs for all booth displays ***Please note- no booth or tent will be provided

Set-up: Thursday March 19, 12pm-1pm

Parking: We will provide one (1) parking permit per vendor for Highland Street Garage (620 Avenue A,  Denton, TX 76201)

Public Admission: Free

Application Requirements:

We will only accept applications submitted online through the official webform/application

Artists must submit a completed application with at least 5 photographs (including 1 booth/table shot**) by the deadline.  Applications must be received by 11:59pm on February 24, 2020.

**Students and other emerging vendors do not need to submit an image of their booth/table**


Jury Panel Convenes: February 25-28, 2020

• Jurors convene to review applications and select artists.

• All decisions made by the jury panel are final, and the scoring process is confidential.

• We will not release jury scores or notes.


Notification to Artists: March 2, 2020

• We will notify all applicants by e-mail of their status by 6 pm CST on March 2, 2020.


Artist Acceptance Deadline: March 9, 2020

• Artists must accept their invitation to participate in the Festival of the Arts by 6 p.m. on March 9, 2020.

• Artists who do not accept by the deadline will have their invitations rescinded


Cancellation Details:

• We appreciate timely communication if at some point you are no longer able to participate.


Festival Audience Profile and Anticipated Attendance

This event will attract students and visitors from the local community.  Additionally, the festival will feature live entertainment from talented local and campus performers and a space for interactive activities.


Festival Hospitality and Artist Amenities:

To ensure artists have a positive festival experience, UNT will offer a Box Lunch OR $10 food voucher that is redeemable at establishments in the University Union.

We will have staff to serves as booth sitters when an artist needs to leave their booth for a short time (bathroom break, snack break,etc)



UNT Police will provide standard campus security throughout the festival. However, UNT and festival organizers urge artists to be diligent and alert. Exhibiting at the UNT Festival of the Arts is at the discretion of the artist and every artist participates at their own risk. UNT does not insure the personal property of any exhibitor/artist. All exhibitors/artists participate at the UNT Festival of the Arts as independent contractors.

Sales and Sales Tax
Exhibitors are responsible for overseeing the promotion and sale of their work during festival hours. All proceeds earned from sales belong to the artists. UNT cannot help with cash or card transactions.

By law, artists must collect and remit sales tax on work sold during the UNT Festival of the Arts.  The sales tax in Denton, Texas is 8.25%. Artists will find a tax instruction form in the packet they receive at registration. 

Jury Process 
Jurors consist of the UNT Union Art Coordinator and staff, and the UPC art coordinator and staff. Jurors will evaluate artwork based solely on the images submitted with each application. At minimum, four photographs must represent the artist's current work, and one photograph features the artist's booth (not required for emerging artists or students)- for a total of 5 images.  You can upload additional images, with a maximum of 10 uploads.

Because jurors do not know the identity of applicants, the jurying process is blind, allowing for fair consideration of all artwork. Reflecting on originality, quality and marketability for a wide variety of buyers, jurors review applications in the order they were submitted. 
1. Images of Artwork: Artists must provide 5-10 images that accurately represent the body of work they plan to show.
2. Image of Booth/Table Display: Artists must provide one photograph that accurately represents how the artwork will be presented during the festival. Applications that do not include a photograph of an artist's booth will be removed from consideration. ***UNT Students and emerging artists are exempt from this requirement***
 Scoring: Each juror will review every application and assign a numerical score between 0-5. Every application receives one score from each juror, and the scores are totaled and averaged for a final score. Jurors review applications and record scores anonymously. If necessary, jurors can access pertinent details that describe the artist's process, the materials used, and artwork size. 

Nature of Work Accepted:

Examples of work accepted include:

Crafts - basketry, pottery, textiles, leatherwork, woodcraft, papercraft, jewelry, metalwork, etc

Fine Arts- drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media, ceramics, printmaking

Illustration/Graphic Design - prints, cards, drawings, t-shirts, stickers

DIY/Maker/Digital Fabrication- decorative or functional objects or wares

Clothing - handmade or artist designed garments or accessories


Please note, all work submitted must be created by the artist/applicant.  Factory or mass produced objects, wholesale items, consumer goods, etc will not admitted into the UNT Union Festival of the Arts.


1. UNT requires artists to be present and available during festival hours. While representatives and/or assistants are welcome, they cannot act as a replacement or substitute for an exhibiting artist. Students who must leave for class are allowed to have a representative or assistant staff their booth while they attend class.
2. Artists must remain at the festival until 7:00 pm. UNT requests that artists respect this important festival rule. Artists who breakdown and leave early compromise their standing with UNT, and the Union Festival of the Arts may forfeit their ability to exhibit in the 2021 festival.
3. Artists must exhibit only original, handcrafted work. All work must be available for sale. Artists may not exhibit or sell subcontracted work for another artist. Work created using commercial casts/molds, kits, patterns, and/or copyrighted designs is prohibited. Reproductions are prohibited.

4. Artists may only exhibit artwork that reflects the quality and craftsmanship of the pieces presented with their applications and that clearly relates to the body of work selected during the jury process. Artwork that is inconsistent with the quality and craftsmanship expected is subject to rejection by UNT and festival organizers.
5. Artists must maintain high standards of professionalism. Festival organizers reserve the right to remove any vendor and/or exhibitor whose conduct and/or merchandise are unacceptable and do not support the terms of the UNT Union Festival of the Arts contract.
6. Artists participate at the UNT Union Festival of the Arts at their own risk and assume responsibility for maintaining liability insurance that covers any damages or losses during the Festival.
7. Committed to maintaining and sustaining a successful community event, UNT and the committee overseeing the UNT Union Festival of the Arts reserve the right to present a show that is welcoming, balanced and responsive to the student body and Denton community. In order to preserve the integrity of the UNT Union Festival of the Arts, organizers have the authority to take the following actions. 
• To invite artists on the declined list to participate as festival exhibitors; and 
• To refuse to extend an invitation to a returning artist whose previous interactions and behaviors at the UNT Festival of the Arts were considered to be unethical or unprofessional. 




The most direct access points to the festival area are:

  1. Highland Street- Put on hazard lights and park in left hand lane. Unload your work and proceed to the festival area. Check in to receive your booth assignment & parking pass. Drop off artwork. Return to your car and continue to Highland Street Parking Garage
  2. Chestnut Street- Tell parking attendant you are here for the Festival. Proceed down
  3. Chestnut Street until it begins to loop back around. Park in an appropriate area. Put on hazard lights. Unload your work and proceed to the festival area.  Check in to receive your booth assignment & parking pass. Drop off artwork. Return to your car and continue to Highland Street Parking Garage



A check in table will be located next to the stage in the festival area. Exhibitors may check in and set-up between 11:00am and 1:00pm on Thursday, March 19. During check in and registration, artists must present a photo ID. You will receive a booth number and food voucher. Artists' booths must be set-up and prepared for sales by 1:00 pm. Exhibitors should note that UNT does not provide dollies, hand trucks, wagons, or other moving equipment. Limited staff will be available to assist with unloading and transporting your artwork to the festival area.

Booth Assignments
Festival organizers are responsible for assigning booths and will attempt to accommodate requests for specific booth locations whenever possible. Swapping booths among artists is not allowed. 

Booth Specifics and Display
Artists may decide how best they want to showcase their work. Using a tent is optional. Every artist will have an exhibition space that is 10'x10'. As noted, artists needing larger spaces may request two exhibition spaces. Booths will be arranged in groups on a smooth, brick surface Tents will NOT be able to be staked, but must be accurately weighted down according to fire code. UNT will provide one 6 foot table and two chairs for all booth displays. Artist must furnish their booth display, which includes additional tables, chairs, contents, etc. Artists requesting power for their booths must indicate this on their application. Artists need to be certain their booth and its contents easily fit into the area provided and are able to withstand large crowds and wind. UNT and Festival organizers are not responsible for damages to artists' booths, art work or personal property. 

The Festival will be held outdoors. Be prepared for mild wind and breezes- Denton can be windy! In case of rain, the festival will be held indoors in the Union Ballrooms- rooms 314 and 333 on the third floor of the Union.  In the event of very severe weather, the festival may be canceled.

Legal Agreement / Policies
I hereby certify that all work is of original design and produced by the artist. The work exhibited and booth matches the quality and style of work as represented in the submitted digital images. 

UNT or the festival organizers reserves the right to deny space or exhibition of any work we feel has been misrepresented. 

If selected for participation in the 2020 Union Festival of the Arts, I authorize the use of the images submitted with this application or duplicates thereof for publicity or documentation.

UNT and the Festival of the Arts organizers reserves the right to make final interpretation of all rules.

Although every care will be taken, you understand UNT and Union Festival of the Arts organizers will not be responsible for the loss, damage, theft or vandalism of artwork displays or equipment while at the Festival, or while in transit. We encourage you to provide your own liability insurance. 

The undersigned agrees that UNT and Union Festival of the Arts organizers or any of either's agents, agencies, boards or staff, shall be released from liability, claims or demands whatsoever in the event of any accident or injury to said participant resulting directly or indirectly from their participation in the UNT Festival of the Arts.

The undersigned Artist discharges UNT and Union Festival of the Arts organizers of and from all manner of actions, suits, claims, and demands whatsoever, in law or equity, from any loss or damage to the Artist's property, while in the possession, supervision, or auspices of the 2020 Festival of the Arts, its agents, representatives or employees.