Our Mission

CTS consists of two inter-related parts: The Counseling Center and Testing Services. We exist to serve the students and community of UNT in support of the mission of the University. Through our Counseling Center services, we strive to support the academic success and general well-being of UNT students through professional counseling, career counseling, consultation, mental-health screenings, educational programs, and self-help resources as well as a referral services.

We offer to consult with Students, Parents, Faculty and Staff who may be concerned about a UNT student (while still respecting the confidentiality of our clients). With client permission, we often work closely with physicians and psychiatrists, the Career Center, Office of Disability Access, and many other helpful resources in order to provide the best overall care. We value everyone and students can expect to be treated in a respectful and accepting manner.

Testing Services provides a wide range of services including traditional admissions testing, computer-based testing, career testing, and other tests. Please peruse the Counseling and Testing Services site to learn more about the specifics of our services, our privacy policy, how to access each service we offer and how to get the most from them.

If you have additional questions regarding testing, please call (940) 565-2735.