CTS offers both weekly workshops and by-appointment groups. If a workshop is indicated as a zoom drop-in workshop, students can attend virtual workshops sessions weekly or on an as-needed basis without an appointment. If a group is indicated as a group in which a screening appointment is needed, an individual must schedule a screening prior to attending the group to determine if the group will be able to meet their needs. By-appointment groups require a weekly commitment.

  • Please see our workshop list to determine if any workshops would fit you. If a virtual Zoom workshop feels appropriate, feel free to connect via Zoom a few minutes prior to the start of the workshop; if you are experiencing suicidal ideation, please call CTS at 940-565-2741.
  • For those signed up for closed groups, you will be contacted by your group leader concerning scheduling.

Thank you for your interest in the Counseling & Testing Workshops! Please be sure to read the acknowledgments before clicking on the link.

Workshop Acknowledgements:

  • I am available to attend this workshop session or series at the designated time.

  • I have access to a private space from which to participate in the workshop as well as the necessary technology (e.g., reliable internet access, computer with webcam and speakers).

  • I understand that this is not a therapy group, and I am not becoming a CTS client by attending.

  • I understand that I will not have any mental health records or diagnoses by attending this workshop.

  • I can contact CTS at 940-565-2741 or email counselingandtestingservices@unt.edu if I need services or help with a crisis situation.

Drop-In Workshops

Please check in with the front desk to attend workshops. All groups & workshops are located in Chestnut Hall 313 unless otherwise stated. Continue to check back  for more information.

Healing in Color: Art Workshop

Tuesdays (Weekly)

Healing In Color is a space for healing through expressive arts and creativity. In this group, it is important to focus on the process of creating, and not the product of what you create. Together, we will explore mindfulness, emotions, anxiety, stress, and negative thoughts in a relaxing and fun way. In this space, we will engage in artistic activities to reflect on our needs and experiences using colors and creativity from our minds, bodies, and spirits for the intention of healing.

Each week, we will engage in different expressive art activities using different mediums such as acrylic paint, markers, watercolors, magazines, oil pastels, and color pencils. You are not required to share your artwork but there is a space given at the end of the workshops to process the artwork, activity, and experience. Throughout the workshop, there will be soothing background music being played and instructions are given in the beginning and can be repeated throughout the workshop. If you are struggling with the activity, the host will assist you with the workshop to help you feel more comfortable or capable of engaging with the activity.

Start Date: May 21
End Date: August 6

healing in color flyer

Summer Support Sessions

Tuesdays (Bi-weekly)
Virtual (Zoom link:  https://unt.zoom.us/j/85705727159 )
11:00am to 12:30pm

Summer can be a challenging and stressful time for students, whether it relates to family issues, life transitions, long-distance relationships, summer classes, etc. This workshop will focus on various topics throughout the semester meant to provide students coping skills, resources and a supportive group environment.


Start Date: June 4
End Date: August 13

summer support sessions flyer

Crochet Workshop

Wednesdays (Weekly)

This workshop will focus on crochet as a creative outlet to reduce stress and will hold space for group discussion on mental/emotional concerns. This workshop will be open to all skill levels.

Start Date: May 29
End Date: July 24

Crochet workshop

Closed Therapy/Support Groups (Screening Appointment Required)

Dungeons, Dragons, & Therapy

Mondays (Weekly)

The Dungeons, Dragons, and Therapy (DDT) is a 9-week, closed therapy group. Members will play through a Dungeons and Dragons campaign designed to help them develop social skills, anxiety management, and stress management. Open to beginners and veterans alike, no prior knowledge, experience, or materials are required to join.


Start Date: June 3
End Date: August 5

DDT flyer