You are a critical part of assisting students who need help as well as keeping individuals and the UNT community safe.

Whether you are a faculty member who teaches undergraduate or graduate courses, are a research advisor, administrator, or staff member, you come in contact with students. We know that personal concern and connection with faculty and staff are keys to students being successful and benefits in increased retention, engagement, overall wellness, and the safety of our campus. We want to help give you the assistance and tools you need to be effective as your part of the team at UNT to help our students. We won't say this is always “easy”, but it is very important.

There are many resources available to you. This page will give you tips and suggestions for recognizing and responding to students who seem to be experiencing problems, especially emotional or behavior issues. Please take time to review the many resources and information here.

Faculty and Staff Trainings

How to recognize distressed students; What can you do? Referral for the student, consultation for you.

Staff Community Resources

Would you like to consult with a psychologist? Call (x2741) or 940-565-2741