At CTS, Vocational Counseling can include, but is not limited to:

  1. Vocational Assessment and Feedback, 
  2. Psychoeducation about Career Development 
  3. Personal Exploration
  4. Career Decision Making

One-on-one sessions

Vocational/Career Counselors at CTS will meet one-on-one with you to review your career goals and needs.  Sessions are approximately 45 minutes and typically focus on psychoeducation, test feedback, decision making and career exploration.  We help students understand how their personality, identity, life experiences, environment, values, skills, talents and goals can influence their career development.  We aim to teach lifelong skills to help students navigate current and future career related decisions.  For resources related to job preparation and attainment (i.e. resume building, interviewing, etc.) we provide additional referrals.

Counseling with specific goals

Typically Vocational Counseling is a short-term type of counseling with specific goals in mind (2-4 individual sessions is common).  In some cases, continued counseling is warranted, depending on concerns and goals. A referral to the UNT Career Center is helpful to assist with job interview skills, resume building, networking opportunities, and other skills required to obtain employment.