The Event Safety Committee (ESC) oversees on-campus events that have an element of risk and that may increase the student organization's or University's liability or pose a hazard to people or property, as determined by the reserving department or Student Activities. The purpose of ESC is to help student orgs identify and mitigate risk at their event to decrease the chances of injury, damage, and liability.

Committee Membership

ESC is comprised of representatives from:

  • Student Activities (whose staff member serves as the Chair)
  • UNT Police Department
  • Risk Management Services (Insurance)
  • Risk Management Services (Fire & Life Safety)
  • Reserving department (attendance based on event location)
  • Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life (attendance based on the organization)

Risk Assessment

A number of event details in the Event Application, pre-determined to indicate the potential for risk, automatically tag ESC (via the ESC Chair) as a reviewer. This is typically at Level 3 of the Event Application Review Process.

Some factors include, but are not limited to: hazardous materials, physical activity, equipment rentals, alcohol, cash handling, an attendance of 100 or more, and guest speakers.

Events are generally categorized into one of three levels of risk: high, medium, and low.

  • High: For events determined to be high risk, ESC will meet with the student org during its regularly scheduled meeting time (see Meeting Times).
  • Medium: For events determined to be medium risk, the ESC Chair or designee will have a conversation (usually via phone or video conference) with the student org.
  • Low: Events determined to be low risk will have no formal ESC intervention, although the ESC Chair and/or other Event App reviewers may ask clarifying questions and provide direction by adding comments in the Event App.

In reviewing an event, ESC may assign stipulations (e.g., provide security, purchase event insurance) that the student org must meet in order to host the event on campus. Some stipulations may have costs associated with them, and are the responsibility of the student org.

While rare, ESC may deny permission to host an event when, after discussing event details with the student org, it is determined that it is not possible to reduce the risks to a level that the potential hazards to people or property are acceptable from the perspective of student org and university liability.

For more information, see the Event Safety Committee Guidelines (Appendix) in the Event Application Procedures.


  1. When applicable, the ESC Chair or designee will get in touch with the event contact to inform them of the need to attend an ESC meeting or have a conversation. While other student org members are invited, the student with the most knowledge about event details should participate.
  2. Prior to the meeting or conversation, the event contact and president should review the Event Safety Guidelines.
  3. During the meeting or conversation, the student org will have an opportunity to present their event details to ESC. This is typically followed by questions from ESC members. ESC will then determine if there are stipulations that the student org must meet in order to host the event.
  4. After the meeting or conversation, an ESC representative will send an Event Safety Planner to the student org, documenting stipulations. The student org must sign and return the Event Safety Planner and meet stipulations by the given deadlines. Once stipulations are met, the Event App will be approved by ESC (Level 3) and then fully approved by Student Activities.
  5. The event happens.
  6. When applicable, an After Action Meeting happens (see After Action Meeting).

Failure to meet with ESC or the ESC Chair, to respond to questions or directions, or to meet stipulations assigned to the event will result in the denial or postponement of the event.  

For more information, see the Event Safety Committee Guidelines (Appendix) in the Event Application Procedures.

Event Monitoring and Security

An ESC representative may attend the event to ensure all stipulations are being followed to the best of the student org's ability.

Additionally, for some events, ESC may stipulate that UNT Police officers need to be present to provide security. If ESC or the UNT Police Department determines that a police officer(s) is/are necessary to mitigate risk at an event, the Division of Student Affairs will cover this cost associated with police presence unless:

  • More than 2 police officers are needed and the student org is charging for entrance into the event (if 2 or fewer police officers are required, the Division of Student Affairs will cover the entire cost).
  • Alcohol will be present at the event, similar events held by the student org in the past year included unapproved alcohol presence, or attendees at similar events in the past year have been known to drink alcohol prior to the event.
  • The student org requests more officers than ESC and the UNT Police Department determine is necessary, in which case the student org will pay for the additional police officers requested.  

If ESC does not feel that police presence is needed, but the student org would like police presence, the student org is responsible for the costs associated with police presence.   

After Action Meeting

There is generally no requirement for a student org to follow up with ESC after their event. However, if ESC identifies concerns about the safety of persons or property or potential violations of the event stipulations, it can require the student org to attend an After Action meeting to discuss what happened and how issues can be avoided at their future events. Failure to attend this meeting will result in the loss of the ability to host future events.

Meeting Times

In the Fall and Spring semesters, the committee meets via Zoom on Mondays at 1:30pm, and, when necessary, Thursdays at 11:00am. If the student org needs to attend a meeting, the ESC Chair or delegate will reach out via email about the meeting date, time slot, and Zoom link.

Event Safety Documents 


For more information about the Event Safety Committee, please contact Student Activities in Union 345, or at 940-565-3807, or eventsafety@unt.edu.