As an instructor, you share a very important role in promoting and providing an accessible learning environment for students with disabilities.  As such, you need to be well-informed about the roles, rights, and responsibilities postsecondary institutions have towards supporting students with disabilities.  These roles, rights, and responsibilities are supported by several federal laws that support students with disabilities and allow them the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a postsecondary educational experience. 

When students request disability-related accommodations, instructors should refer them to the ODA so that we can identify reasonable accommodations. If the ODA determines that reasonable accommodations may be necessary for the student to access their course, the ODA will approve academic accommodations and email the instructor a letter of an accommodation per student request. ODA students are required to collaborate with their instructors to discuss their accommodations within the context of the course, the barriers they experience, and ways to create access in the course. 

If faculty need assistance in creating access or providing accommodations or have concerns that they interfere with the essential requirements of the course, contact the ODA to collaborate about how to best serve the student. In no circumstances should an instructor deny accommodation without contacting the ODA about the circumstances. For questions regarding a specific student's accommodations, please contact the ODA at , the student's Coordinator, or call us at 940-565-4323. 

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