For In-Person Exams

Make sure to complete the Alternative Testing Agreement by logging into Instructor AIM Portal.   You can find the link to the Alternative Testing Agreement (ATA) in the student's Letter of Accommodation, which was emailed to you, or you can follow the instructions below. Please follow the link below to complete the Agreement: 

AIM Instructor Login
  1. Login using your UNT credentials
  2. Click “Continue to View Student Accommodations”
  3. Select “Alternative Testing/Quizzes” section on the left-side
  4. Two boxes will appear. 
  5. Follow the directions in “Specify Alternate Testing Agreement” if you need the ODA to proctor the student's exams. 
  6. There is a drop-down box beside “Select Class” - choose your course
  7. Select “Continue to Specify Alternate Testing Agreement”
  8. Answer the questions listed within the Alternative Testing Agreement (usually between 8 - 12 questions)
  9. Please note (1) Do not leave any blank fields. If the question does not apply, type “N/A”) and (2) students can see your responses to questions 1-11 so do not include information you do not want the student to see.
  10. On “Exam Type” include the number of minutes the rest of the class is allotted without additional time for quizzes (if applicable), exams/midterms, and finals (if applicable).
  11. Information you provide in the “Additional Information” box is NOT visible by students.
  12. Click the button “Submit Testing Agreement”.

For Online Exams

If all students in an online course are required to come to campus to take an exam, the ODA Test Center can proctor the exam when ODA -registered students require assistive technology (such as reading software, screen reader, etc.) or reduced distraction testing environment. However, if students are not required to come to campus to take course exams (i.e., can take at home or anywhere), there is no need for ODA to proctor course exams if either (1) instructors are not using a lockdown browser on the exam or (2) the instructor is using a lockdown browser and the student's accommodation include extra time and reduced distraction test environment.   If so, the instructor simply adds the additional time to the student's exam in Canvas according to what is outlined in the student's accommodation letter.  As always, the ODA is available to consult with you regarding interpretation of student accommodations. Just reach out to us at 

Below are the instructions to let the Test Center and students in your course know that you will be providing the student's testing accommodations:

AIM Instructor Login
  1. Login using your UNT credentials
  2. Click “Continue to View Student Accommodations” 
  3. Select “Alternative Testing” link on the left-side under “Views and Tools”
  4. Two boxes will appear. 
  5. Follow the directions in “Proctoring your Own Exam” if you need the ODA to proctor the student's exams. 
  6. From the drop-down box, choose your course section from the one to the options in the "SELECT CLASS" box below if it appears),
  7. From "TYPE", Select: PROCTOR MY OWN EXAMS, and
  8. Click to CONFIRM your response and YOU ARE DONE in AIM!  (Students will not  be able to request a testing time in the ODA.)

If Using Respondus Lockdown Browser on Online Exams

If you have a student who has an ODA accommodation for and utilizes Kurzweil, JAWS, or Dragon, you must disable the browser for the individually affected student(s) because these programs are not compatible (do not work) with the lockdown browser. Contact the CLEAR Faculty Helpdesk for assistance to disable the lockdown browser on individual exams.   If you have concerns about disabling the lockdown browser for an individual student, please contact the ODA at or at 940-369-8969 so that we can address them and further assist you and the student.

Canvas Instructions

How to extend time on Canvas exams can be found here:

How to add extra minutes on the exam:

  1. In Course Navigation, click the Quizzes link.
  2. Click the name of the quiz.
  3. Click the Moderate This Quiz link on the top right.
  4. To moderate a quiz for one student, locate the student and click the Edit icon. You can also filter students in your course by using the Search People field.
  5. If you want to select multiple students, click the checkbox next to each of their names. If you want to select all students, click the top checkbox. Click Change Extensions for [#] Selected Students button at the bottom of the page.
  6. Type the number of extra minutes in the Extra Time on Every Attempt field. Extra time can only be added in full-minute increments.
  7. Click Save.