Dear Students, 

Welcome to the UNT Office of Disability Access. Thank you for visiting this site. Hopefully, the information you find here will help you select a university and provide information that will enable you to have full access to all programs, facilities, classrooms, and curriculum. 

We wish to inform you that the professional staff of our office is comprised of a caring group of people who want to help students reach a higher level of independence and in turn, achieve more success at UNT and beyond. 

We do this by emphasizing the means which empower you - the student to be an active participant in the process. You will learn to be the primary liaison to faculty and staff concerning your needs. With our help, you will enhance your strategies to meet your educational goals. You will learn more about your disability, develop techniques to enhance your learning style (both in and out of the classroom) and fine-tune your compensatory strategies. Why is it important for you to master these areas? Because eventually you will join the workforce and you'll find that it is solely up to you to advocate for your reasonable accommodations. The wise student learns these skills in college. 

After a student has completed the registration process with our office, we will be here to help address any problems you bring to our attention. If you have concerns about your services, our response may be, "Have you tried to work this out with your professor?" We realize that is not always an option so we are more than willing to work with you and your instructor to find solutions once you have made a "good faith effort" to solve the problem on your own. Please never hesitate to contact us if you feel your needs are not being met. We cannot help if you choose not to inform us. 

Let me stress that we care and we want to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.  

Office of Disability Access Staff