Assistive Technology (AT) is the use of technology to provide equal access to information. The Office of Disability Access offers technology support services for students with disabilities such as audiobooks, adaptive software/hardware, alternative format materials, and equipment loan along with AT consultation, training, resources, and support. 

Eligibility for extended AT Services 

If you think you may benefit from technology accommodation, please speak with your Coordinator. Your Coordinator may work alongside the Assistive Technology Specialist to determine the most appropriate assistive technology to meet your access needs.  

The Office of Disability Access supports and provides training for adaptive hardware and software used to accommodate disabilities. The ODA staff may be able to answer general questions regarding student computers and adaptive software. 

Only students who are currently registered with the Office of Disability Access may request assistive technology accommodations such as audiobooks, textbook scanning, adaptive hardware and software checkout, and assistive technology training. 

Students who wish to utilize assistive technology services through the Office of Disability Access need to request accommodation letters EVERY SEMESTER they wish to use services and/or equipment. 

Assistive Technology Loan Program

Qualified students with disabilities may be able to borrow equipment on a semester basis including items such as, but not limited to: 

  • Personal Assistive Listening Devices/FM Loops 
  • Audio recorder 
  • Braille label maker 
  • Large trackball mouse 
  • Large print keyboard 
  • Small handheld CCTV 
  • Phonak Roger Pen 
  • LiveScribe Smart Pen: The smart pen audio-records the whole lecture, and every time the student writes a note on the special paper that goes with the pen, the pen creates a kind of bookmark in the audio recording. This way, when the student reviews their notes later, they can use the pen to click on a note that they wrote, and the pen will take them right to that point in the audio recording, so that the student can hear exactly what the instructor said when they were writing that note. This allows the student to fill in what they missed, so that their notes are complete. If the student owns a tablet such as an iPad, there are excellent apps available that will do exactly the same thing that the smart pen does.
  • Reading Pen 
  • Talking Scientific Calculator 
  • Switch Mouse 
  • Victor Reader Stream 
  • Victor Reader Daisy 

Students must return the equipment by the end of the semester or a hold will be placed on their Student Account. 

For any questions on Assistive Technology, please email Devin Axtman, Assistant Director of Accessible Instruction and Assistive Technology, at