These instructions are for students who have been approved for Kurzweil as accommodation and utilize a PC computer. 


1.    Put your cursor on this web link:

2.    Press ctrl on your keyboard and click your left mouse button. This will bring up the Kurzweil 3000 Windows downloads page:
 KURZWEIL 3000 DOWNLOADS PAGE, Version 15 (web license) highlighted
3.    Choose Version 15 web license and follow the prompts.
4.    You may get a screen like this one below: Choose Run. 

File download pop- Choose run

Note: some computers may give you a message that asks you if you are sure you want to download this product. Just keep saying yes, it's safe. Sometimes this message is hiding behind the program you are trying to install. Keep an eye out at the bottom of your computer screen to make sure you aren't missing something that is waiting for you to click. The download may take a long time if you are using WiFi (computer with slow internet may take 3 to 8 hours.)
Downloads will be much faster if you connect your computer to a port with an Ethernet cable. 

5.    Once the download is complete, you will see one of these Kurzweil icons on your desktop: 
   Kurzweil 3000 Icon on desktopKurzweil Icon on Desktop
You will also have two new folders called Kurzweil 3000 pending and Kurzweil 3000 completed. 
If you decide to convert your readings to MP3s, these are the folders where they are stored. 
Kurzweil two folders are made on your desktop- DO NOT DELETE THESE!

Do not delete these!

6.    To open Kurzweil, double click the Kurzweil 3000 icon: 
Welcome to Kurzweil 3000 login box

7. Login with your assigned login and password. (you may change these in settings if you like) 
8.    User name:
9.    To use Kurzweil to read your book chapters:

Go to file
Open from library (not the Open tab, but choose “Open from library” further down)
Click the plus sign to the left of your name
You may create your own folders and name by book or course. (you may only use lowercase letters and may not use spaces when naming. For example: abnormal_psychology_ch1

If you would like to upload your own documents: 

•  Go to file
•  Open
•  Find the file you want to load
•  You should see a box pop up called recognition. It is telling you how many pages are in the chapter or book. Choose yes if you want it all. It takes a bit for these to load. While they are loading, you cannot use Kurzweil. 
•  Save the chapter to the correct folder in the private folder tab