A. The University is not required to eliminate academic requirements essential to the program of instruction or related to certification or licensing requirements. However, reasonable modifications will be provided for qualified students with verified disabilities. All requests for modification of a degree requirement (hereinafter referred to as “Requests”) must be initiated in the office of the dean of the college or school in which the qualified student is enrolled. The dean has the authority to make decisions for modifying college degree requirements, but no modifications that would compromise the integrity of the degree will be granted. Modifications of certification requirements cannot be considered by UNT and  should be directed to the applicable agency.

B. To be eligible for consideration for degree requirement modifications, the student requesting the modification must be registered with the Office of Disability Access (ODA); be a qualified applicant for the degree in question, (i.e., able to meet essential competencies with or without accommodations or academic adjustments); have a disability that directly impacts the subject area in question; and demonstrate a good faith effort to complete the requirement in question.

C. To initiate a Request to modify a degree requirement, a qualified student must file early in his/her degree program with the appropriate academic dean. A copy of the ODA documentation stating the exact nature (medical, psychological, educational, as appropriate) of the disability and the specific relevant limitations the disability imposes upon the qualified student should be provided with the Request. The review of a Request may take considerable time and, therefore, could cause a delay in graduation if filed near the completion of the degree. The dean will review and discuss the following:

  1. sound academic reasons for the modification;
  2. previous academic history;
  3. alternatives to a program substitution (such as other degrees or other courses), without violating the student's right to obtain the preferred degree;
  4. nature and efficacy of alternative solutions student has pursued,
  5.  proof of good faith effort to meet the standards in required courses;
  6. whether courses proposed as a substitution are relevant and consistent for the purpose of the degree/certificate requirements; and
  7. documentation of disability.

D. In rendering a decision, the dean may review the Request and all pertinent information from the qualified student. The dean may consult with instructors, advisors, department chairs, and other professionals in reaching a decision, with appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality and to safeguard the student's identity. If modification of a degree requirement is approved, the dean will report the decision to the Provost's Office. In the case of state-mandated requirements, the dean will make a recommendation to the Provost. The academic dean will inform the student of the decision in writing, with copies to the Registrar and the student's academic advisor.

E. The dean's decision on the modification request can be appealed to the provost. The reasons for the appeal should be presented in writing, within five business days of the dean's decision