At the beginning of each semester, you will be required to electronically sign e-Agreements (e-Forms). These are reminders about how your accommodations work and your responsibilities to ensure you receive them. & In addition, it reminds you to reach out to us if you have any problems with your accommodations. (For all Students)

1.  Go to this link and log in using your UNT credentials to log into AIM.\UNT\


Figure 1:  Image of AIM Login page 

2.  Answer the application questions and hit SUBMIT at the bottom of the page.
3.  You will receive a confirmation email and be automatically redirected to an “UPLOAD DOCUMENTATION” page. Please upload any relevant files to provide documentation for your application. If you need to return to this page at a later time, use the “UPLOAD DOCUMENTATION” link found in your application confirmation email. For more information on what type of documentation to provide to ODA, please review our Documentation Guidelines.
4.  Within a few business days, you will receive an application status update via email. This email will either provide instructions for how to complete your registration or will provide instructions for how to resolve any issues with your application.