Get free comprehensive mental health services on campus.

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Individual Therapy

Meet 1-on-1 with a trained mental health professional in person or online.

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Groups and Workshops

Attend weekly workshops and by-appointment groups.

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Psychiatric Services

Work with SHWC to manage a current prescription and to learn how psychiatric medication can help.

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Emergency Resources

Find community and UNT emergency resources.

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Plan an outreach presentation or suicide training for your student organization.

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Couples Counseling

Learn how to work through conflicts, value differences or big decisions.





You are not alone.

Everyone is welcome at Togetherall.

Find the help you need, where you are - online.

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Zoom in for an innovative way ot visit with your therapist.

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Join the peer-to-peer online community focused on mental health support.

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Other Online Resources

Find links to online resources for mental health and wellness.

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Explore resources that focus on physical, social and mental wellbeing.

What impacts you?

We're here for you.

Discover other campus resources.


A collaborative interdisciplinary committee that meets regularly about students exhibiting high-risk behaviors.

Counseling and Human Development Center

Find counseling services to individuals and families in Denton area.

Student Health and Wellness Center

Manage a current prescription and learn how psychiatric medication can help.

Child and Family Resource Center

Get counseling for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families in Denton County.

Office of Disability Access

Learn how we eliminate or minimize barriers and facilitate inclusion.

The RISE Center

Discover resources for substance use, healthy decision making and mental health recovery.

Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP)

Join peers in recovery support or in long-term recovery from mental illness, substance use, and/or process addictions.

Psychology Clinic

Get individual, group, marriage and family therapy and evaluation services.


Find assistance in working toward and achieving personal or academic goals.



Explore community resources.


Dallas Suicide & Crisis Center

Phone: 214.828.1000

Denton County Friends of the Family

Phone: 940.387.5131 Crisis: 940.382.7273 or 800.572.4031

Denton County Public Health

Phone: 940.349.2900

Denton County MHMR Center

Phone: 940.381.5000
Crisis Hotline: 800.762.0157

Medical City Denton

Phone: 940.384.3535


Find additional resources.

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