1) Register with the Office of Disability Access (ODA) by completing the following steps:

  • Login to the AIM Student Portal and complete the Request for Services Application.  To log into AIM, instructions can be found on the Office of Disability Access (ODA) website. .
  • Submit documentation of disability/disabilities as diagnosed by an appropriate professional via one of these methods:  fax (940.369.7969), email Apply.ODA@unt.edu, or in person to Sage Hall 167.
  • Please review our documentation requirements
  • Once submitted, a member of the ODA staff will contact you to set up a registration meeting either in person or over the phone with an ODA Coordinator to determine what accommodations you are eligible to receive.

2) Requesting Letters of Accommodation (LOAs)

  • After you have completed the registration process, you will receive an email informing you how to request your Letters of Accommodations by going to the ODA website and logging into AIM Student Portal.
  • The ODA will email your Letters of Accommodation to each professor.  Students are responsible for following up with the instructor to discuss specifics such as testing accommodations, copy of notes, etc.

3) Receiving Testing Accommodations at Frisco (Hall Park, Inspire Park, and CHEC)

  • If you are receiving testing accommodations such as reduced distractions or extended time, you will request that your professor fill out the on-line, Alternative Test Request Form (ATRF)
  • You and your professor will complete one form per course and fill out all quiz/exam dates and any essential testing information for the proctor.
  • You must submit your ATRF at least 5 business days prior to first quiz or exam that is listed on your form to ensure proper scheduling for student, staff, and testing space. Questions? Contact Marly Jordan at Marlena.Jordan@unt.edu or at the UNT at Frisco front desk. 
  • Once the ATRF is received, UNT Frisco will contact you to verify your time, location, and proctor for quiz/exam.

4) Utilizing Other Academic Accommodations

  • Contact your ODA Coordinator at 940-565-4323 if you have questions about how any accommodations work that appear on your Letter.

5) To Continue Receiving Academic Accommodations each semester:

  • Login to the AIM Student Portal; and in the left side of the webpage, under "My Accommodations”, select "List Accommodations".
  • From "Select Accommodations for Your Classes", review the Important Note, and proceed to "Step 1: Select Class(es)".
  • Select the corresponding checkbox for each of the courses that you are requesting accommodations for at this time.
  • Review each statement in the box below.
  • Click on "Step 2 - Continue to Customize Your Accommodations".
  • Review each of your indicated courses and “Select Accommodation(s) for [course]” by checking the corresponding box next to the accommodations you are requesting—please ensure that you review and select accommodations for each course.
  • If you would like to have your LOAs emailed to your professor/instructor for each course check the box that indicates “Select the check box if you would like DS to email this accommodation letter”.
  • Click on “Submit Your Accommodation Requests.” ODA will email your LOAs to your professors, and you will receive a copy of the email.
  • It is your responsibility that you follow up with each professor/instructor after Letter of Accommodation in person or via email.
  • Take your renewed Letters of Accommodation to each professor of your new academic term.
  • Repeat this process each semester that you would like to receive academic accommodations.

6) If having problems receiving your approved accommodations or need additional information about how to utilize other accommodations at UNT-Frisco or CHEC

  • Contact your instructor, and contact your ODA Coordinator at 940-565-4323.