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The SHWC Office of Health Promotion enhances student well-being through free health and wellness education, programs, and resources.

Dimensions of Wellness

Scrappy's dimensions of wellness: emotional, environmental, intellectual, financial, social, spiritual, occupational, physical, and cultural

Visit UNT's Wellness Resources Page to learn more about the Dimensions of Wellness and UNT resources.

Focusing on the physical, social and mental wellbeing of our university community is a top priority. We have gathered together many wellbeing-related resources available for our community members to ensure students, faculty and staff have convenient access to needed resources for themselves and to share with students or colleagues in need.

Wellness is being healthy in all dimensions of our lives and a lifelong process of making decisions that lead to a more balanced and meaningful life, not just avoiding illness. At UNT, we focus on the following nine interconnected dimensions of wellness: physical, social, emotional, environmental, intellectual, occupational, creative, financial & spiritual.

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