The SHWC can give regular allergy injections to UNT students. The SHWC does not do allergy testing. You must be under the care of an allergist prior to receiving allergy injections at the SHWC.

All new allergy patients must have allergist instructions, orders, and serum before an appointment can be made with an SHWC provider for an allergy consult. A Treatment Nurse will call you once they have all the required information to set up an allergy consult appointment.

The SHWC Allergy Injection Information for Allergist explains allergy injections at the SHWC.

If you have questions, please call 940-565-2793 and ask to speak to a Treatment Nurse.

Allergy injections will be by appointment only. Call 940-565-2793 to schedule. 

  • Mon - Thurs: 8:30 - 11 AM, 1 - 4 PM
  • Fri: 9:30 - 11 AM, 1 - 3 PM