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The Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC) has two full-time Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners (NPs), Stephanie Kelton and Delia Sandoval, to provide psychiatric services.

Psychiatric Services Provided

Psychiatric services include:

  • Psychiatric evaluations - including diagnosis of anxiety, body image & disordered eating, depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental illnesses, and evaluation of the efficacy of treatment plans

  • Prescribing of medications and medication management for mental illnesses

  • Comprehensive treatment planning based on individual patient needs

  • Coordination of care and consultation with other professionals

There are associated charges for psychiatric services.

Counseling services are available to enrolled UNT students through Counseling and Testing Services.


How do I access psychiatric services?

Upon completion of the referral process, patients will be scheduled an appointment for an initial evaluation. Therefore, a student must be referred by a SHWC medical provider, a psychologist from UNT Counseling & Testing Services, UNT TAMS, UNT Psychology Clinic, Dean of Students Care Team, or from an outside psychiatrist. Students under the care of a psychiatrist, either currently or in the past, can also make a self-referral. Please call (940) 565-2333 for additional questions regarding self-referral. Upon completion of the referral process, patients will be scheduled an appointment for an initial evaluation.


What should I expect at initial evaluation?

  1. Fees: There are fees associated when seeing the Psychiatric NP - $50 for an initial evaluation ($35 for follow up appointments). Students will be asked to review and acknowledge the Mental Health Program Policy/Procedure (MHPP), which details the referral process, fees related to specialty services, no-show fees, appointment cancellation process, and potential lab requirements for prescribing/refilling certain medications. (See MHPP for details).

    1. Expect more follow-up appointments at the start of treatment as medication regimens may require frequent adjustments to optimize treatment.

  2. Medical Records: Current and past psychiatric records may be requested to manage medications from previous providers before an initial evaluation is scheduled. The release of Information will be discussed when the initial appointment is scheduled.

    1. We recommend patients bring any medications they have are currently taking to initial appointments.

  3. Time Management:

    1. Arrive 30 minutes before the 1st initial appointment to complete forms/questionnaires. Arrive 15 minutes before follow-up appointments.

    2. Initial face-to-face appointments are approximately 45 minutes with a focus on gathering thorough background information to guide the assessment and medication treatment recommendations.

    3. Our Psychiatric NPs may ask many questions about your general health, family history, and social history. 

  4. ADD/ADHD: SHWC does not diagnose Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ ADHD). However, the SHWC does provide medication management for students with diagnostically supported ADD/ADHD. We require supporting records and documentation before the initial appointment. Re-evaluation may be required at the doctor’s discretion if indicated. (See the ADD/ADHD page for more information.)

  5. Controlled Substances: Prescriptions for medications classified as controlled substances (e.g., Adderall or Xanax) are only prescribed as indicated and have various restrictions.

  6. Psychiatric services is not therapy-focused. However, sensitive information may be discussed, and the psychiatric provider may recommend you see another health professional – for example, to a psychologist to discuss various forms of therapy that work in conjunction with medication.

Please call the Health Center appointment line at (940) 565-2333 or Psychiatric Clinic Nurse at (940) 369-7612 for additional questions before seeing a psychiatric specialist.