What are Letters of Accommodation? 

These are official communications from the Office of Disability Access informing professors of the academic accommodations students receive.     

How to Request Your ODA Accommodations (For Currently Registered ODA Students Only) 
You can log into AIM to request your Letters of Accommodation (LOAs).  Go to AIM Student Portal to log into AIM.  The ODA will email your letters to instructors on the first day of classes.  

How to request my Letters of Accommodation

What to do after your instructor receives your Letter of Accommodation? 

Students are responsible for contacting their instructor for further dialogue about how the accommodations listed in the letter will work in the course.  Below you will find an introductory email that a student can send to each instructor to initiate discussions (whether in person or via email) to clarify any questions about the accommodations listed in the LOA. 

Dear Instructor, 

You received my accommodation letter from the ODA.  I would like to set up a time to discuss my accommodations more in depth.  This can happen in person, phone, or email.  There may be some accommodations that require more conversation such as alternative testing accommodations, modification of course attendance policy, and permission to audio record in class.  

For example, if alternative testing accommodations appear on my letter, it would be great to discuss how I will receive my accommodations if this is an online course or whether I will take my in-person course exams (i.e., in the academic department, ODA Test Center, other alternative location).  If I take my exams online, CLEAR can provide assistance to instructors to add time to my exam.  If I take my exam in the ODA Test Center, please know I cannot schedule my exam until you complete the Testing Agreement for your course by either clicking the link on the letter you received from ODA or logging into the AIM Instructor Portal.  

Please respond with how I should proceed to make sure my accommodations are in place. 

Thank you in advance.   



Additional Guidance for the Following Accommodations

Please reference the links below for additional guidance on these accommodations, including any follow-up required by the student.