For some students, having access to lecture presents a barrier to the educational environment. When this is the case, access to the lecture may be approved to meet the barrier. Depending on the class format, access to the lecture may be detailed PowerPoints, recorded video lectures (e.g., in Zoom),  providing a copy of notes from peers (note taker) or instructor, or other means of equivalent access. If none of the alternative means of access are applicable, ODA can assist with locating a note-taker.  

For students who have been approved for an Access to Lecture accommodation:

  • If you would like to request this accommodation for a class, please make sure to check it on your accommodation letter.
  • Once you are certain that you need an Access to Lecture accommodation in a class, please click "Notetaking Services" on the left-hand side in your AIM Student Portal.
  • You will see "Confirm" next to each class that you have requested this accommodation for. Click "Confirm" next to any classes which you believe you need an Access to Lecture accommodation for. ODA will then contact your instructor to begin assisting with this accommodation.

If you are assigned a note-taker because alternative means of access are not applicable, please visit the following link for more information on how to access your notes: ( Registered Student Access to Notes

If you are a student in a class that would like to be a peer note-taker, please visit the following webpage for more information: ( Peer Notetaker )   

For any questions on Access to Lecture accommodations, please email