Students with documented print disabilities that present as a barrier for the student using standard print may be eligible to request required course materials in alternative formats such as: 

  • Audiobooks (through Kurzweil) 
  • Electronic text 
  • Braille 

Requests for alternative format materials should be submitted through the Alternative Format tab in AIM. The student must be approved for an Alternative Format accommodation by their Coordinator and request this on their Letters of Accommodation before they are able to request. Kurzweil is a text to speech application and accommodation. If a student is approved for this accommodation by their Coordinator, they will also receive information on how to request their textbooks and course materials in Kurzweil format. 

For detailed instructions on how to request Alternative Format, please visit: ( Requesting Alternative Format )  

Please visit ( for information on how to use Kurzweil if you were approved for this text-to-speech software as an accommodation. You may also visit this page for more information: /office-disability-access/accessing-kurzweil

For any questions or concerns regarding alternative format, please email: