Financial Aid and Scholarship Resources 

Many students are faced with the question of how to fund their college education. This dilemma may be even greater for students with disabilities who may have greater expenses depending on any services they may need (i.e. personal assistants, tutors, equipment, medical treatment, etc.) 

All students at the University of North Texas are encouraged to apply for scholarships that are administered by the university. Also, students are encouraged to visit the financial aid office to explore possible funding options 

State Agencies: Texas Workforce Commission and Health & Human Services Commission 

Note: As of September 1, 2016, programs and services previously administered or delivered by the former Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) have been transferred by the Texas Legislature to the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC)  

Students with disabilities should contact their local TWC office to determine if they are eligible for services and/or financial assistance. The primary goal of these agencies is to help people prepare for, achieve, and maintain competitive employment. Services that may be provided include: help with tuition expenses, books, and supplies, tutoring expenses, technology aids, etc 

Tuition and Fee Exemptions 

If you are a Texas state resident who is legally blind or legally deaf attending a public university in the State of Texas, you may be eligible for a tuition and fee exemption.   

If you qualify, your exemption can be used at any Texas state institution.  For more information read more details at the College for All Texans web page on exemptions

Federal Financial Aid 

Applications for the following financial aid programs are available at 

  • Stafford Loans 
  • PLUS Loans 
  • Direct Loans 
  • Pell Grants 
  • Perkins Loans 
  • Work-Study 

The above programs are federally administered loans and grants, many of which requires borrowed funds to be paid back.  

Campus Resources 


Prior to receiving disability-related accommodations and services, students must provide documentation of a diagnosed disability that requires accommodation.  For a diagnosis of a learning disability, ADD or ADHD, a neuropsychological examination or psychoeducational evaluation is recommended to determine eligibility for services as a student with a disability. 

This information is intended to be a general reference of local resources that may be helpful to individuals with disabilities. The following is a list of some evaluators in the area that specialize in these types of disabilities that may require updated or a new comprehensive evaluation. It is not an endorsement or recommendation by the Office of Disability Access or University Of North Texas 

LD Evaluators 

Parking and Transportation 

To access disabled permit parking on-campus, individuals need a county-issued disabled parking hanging placard or a disabled license plate and a University of North Texas parking permit from Transportation Services.   

UNT Transportation Services 

Contact information:
 Email: or call 940-565-3020 

ODA Resources