The Student Health and Wellness Center is committed to providing excellent healthcare to our students. Student success, development, and preparation for global citizenship are dependent on the many facets of good health. Mindful of our diverse population we promote responsible personal health choices to enhance each individual's lifelong health and well-being.

Within our purpose, we support the mission of the University to ensure service and quality in teaching performance, public service, and outreach.


Our professional staff includes licensed physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, certified lab technologists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, radiology technicians, pharmacists, administrative, business, and medical records personnel. Part-time staff includes a registered dietitian and massage therapists.

Patient Comments

Ms. DiVecchia, Angela Koiner, Kim Head, Dr. Hermann: each of these women have impacted my life more than they know. Grateful for their care concerning my mental, physical & emotional health. - July 10, 2019

Joel Brady has been fantastic! Very thorough while being personable - August 20, 2019

[Ms.] Sandoval is amazing. She takes time to really listen and understand. She provides great thoughtful care. UNT is lucky to have her! - August 29, 2019

Everyone was very patient, and kind, and quick to listen and respond. I'm thankful and grateful for this clinic!! - October 1, 2019

The doctor was very professional and I came out of the office happy with my visit. Thank you Dr. Voorhees - February 4, 2020

Dr. Menard was great. She was very helpful and extremely considerate. I am very thankful for her. - Octoebr 27, 2021

[Ms.] Elder was great! Very kind and thorough and took the time to answer questions I had. - June 22, 2022

You have some truly outstanding nurses on your staff, and I appreciate Dr. Zari for his professionalism and thoroughness in explaining his concerns. - November 10, 2022

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