The Student Health and Wellness Center is committed to providing excellent healthcare to our students. Student success, development, and preparation for global citizenship is dependent on the many facets of good health. Mindful of our diverse population we promote responsible personal health choices to enhance each individual's lifelong health and well being.

Within our purpose we support the mission of the University to ensure service and quality in teaching performance, public service and outreach.


Our professional staff includes licensed physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, certified lab technologists, radiology technician, pharmacists, administrative, business, and medical records personnel. Part time staff includes psychiatrists, registered dietitian, and a massage therapist.

Patient Comments

DiVecchia was extremely helpful. Listened to me completely and explained things well. Completely satisfied with my visit with her. - June 20, 2019

Ms. DiVecchia, Angela Koiner, Kim Head, Dr. Hermann: each of these women have impacted my life more than they know. Grateful for their care concerning my mental, physical & emotional health. - July 10, 2019