Frequently Asked Questions



What should I bring to an appointment?
Please bring your photo ID, health insurance card, and a form of payment. 
Can I get an excuse from class if I'm sick?

Per UNT policy, the SHWC does not provide students with medical excuses from class unless you are being treated for a potentially contagious illness or are injured and enrolled in a physical education class.

For all other visits, you can request a statement showing that you were seen at the clinic to give to professors. Statements don't contain any protected health information.

Where can I get medical care if the SHWC is closed?

Updated closure information and after hours care options can be found on our hours page.

Can I be seen for an appointment if I'm under the age of 18?

Yes, but we must have written consent from a parent or guardian on file. Please complete complete the Minor Consent Form through the Online Patient Portal

Is my medical information confidential?

The SHWC maintains patient confidentiality of medical records as required by federal, state, and local laws. The SHWC will not share confidential information without patient consent, with a few exceptions.

Parents and guardians of minors will be allowed access to certain patient information until the patient turns 18. SHWC staff are legally required to disclose information to protect individuals from imminent danger, report abuse, or respond to legal subpoenas.

Billing & Insurance

Does UNT offer health insurance coverage for students?

UNT endorses a health insurance plan for enrolled students and their dependents through United Healthcare Student Resources. Please visit our Billing and Insurance page for more information.

Can I still be seen at the SHWC if I don't have health insurance or have out-of-network coverage?

Yes! Students who don't have health insurance or have out-of-network coverage are charged a competetively priced office visit fee, plus the cost of any tests or procedures performed. Please contact the SHWC Billing Department at (940) 369-7919 to see if you qualify for discounted pricing. 

How much will my appointment cost?

If we accept your health insurance, the cost is determined by your specific plan benefits. If you don't have insurance, or we do not accept your plan, you will be charged our competetively priced office visit fee. The total visit cost will vary based on insurance coverage, type of visit, and tests or procedures performed. Please contact the SHWC Billing Department at (940) 369-7919 if you have questions about fees for specific services.

What if I'm concerned about my ability to pay?

Students with urgent medical needs who are unable to pay will not be refused treatment. Please contact the SHWC Billing Department at (940) 369-7919 to discuss payment options. 

Presentations, Interviews & Voluntering

How do I request a health or wellness presentation?

Health education presentations are available through the SHWC Office of Health Promotion. Please visit our Health Education page for more information and to complete a Program Request Form.

Can I interview someone from the SHWC?

If you're a currently enrolled UNT students completing a story for a student media organizations (ntTV, NT Daily, etc.), complete the Interview Request Form found on our Contact page. Please keep in mind, the SHWC doesn't provide interviews for class projects.

Can I volunteer at the SHWC or shadow a medical provider?

We don't provide student volunteer or shadowing opportunities due to privacy concerns but do hire student employees throughout several SHWC departments. Check Handshake for open job positions or consider joining one of UNT's many medical or public health Student Organziations.