Patient Comments


Ms. DiVecchia, Angela Koiner, Kim Head, Dr. Hermann: each of these women have impacted my life more than they know. Grateful for their care concerning my mental, physical & emotional health. - July 10, 2019

Joel Brady has been fantastic! Very thorough while being personable - August 20, 2019

[Ms.] Sandoval is amazing. She takes time to really listen and understand. She provides great thoughtful care. UNT is lucky to have her! - August 29, 2019

Everyone was very patient, and kind, and quick to listen and respond. I'm thankful and grateful for this clinic!! - October 1, 2019

The doctor was very professional and I came out of the office happy with my visit. Thank you Dr. Voorhees - February 4, 2020

Dr. Menard was great. She was very helpful and extremely considerate. I am very thankful for her. - Octoebr 27, 2021

[Ms.] Elder was great! Very kind and thorough and took the time to answer questions I had. - June 22, 2022

You have some truly outstanding nurses on your staff, and I appreciate Dr. Zari for his professionalism and thoroughness in explaining his concerns. - November 10, 2022