Testing for COVID-19

The Student Health and Wellness Center offers a rapid test for COVID-19. Students can access testing through a clinical appointment, asymptomatic testing opportunities, or the UNT contact tracing process. UNT faculty and staff can access testing through the UNT contact tracing process, asymptomatic testing opportunities, or their outside medical provider. 

To view other testing locations and information on campus, please visit: https://healthalerts.unt.edu/covid-19-testing

Symptomatic COVID Testing By Appointment

Students with symptoms of COVID-19 can schedule an appointment for testing on the SHWC patient portal at myosh.unt.edu or by calling (940) 565-2333.  The cost includes a $20 office visit fee with a medical provider plus the charge for the COVID test ordered by the medical provider. The SHWC will file to a student's insurance if accepted, and insurance benefits will determine costs. As always, the SHWC will not turn away a student unable to pay for medically necessary services. Often results are available before a patient leaves the clinic. In some cases, medical providers may also order confirmation testing, which involves sending the specimen to an outside reference lab and will incur additional charges.

UNT Asymptomatic Testing

Many people infected with COVID-19 do not have symptoms. Still, they can spread the virus to others- a roommate, faculty member, family member, partner, or friend who may be susceptible to severe COVID-19 illness. Even when you feel healthy, getting tested can help UNT learn about how to monitor and manage COVID-19 and contribute significantly to slowing the spread of COVID-19 in the UNT community.

  • The test uses a nurse-collected nasal specimen.
  • It takes less than 10 minutes to complete.
  • Results are confidential and will be communicated to the patient via the Navica App 15-20 minutes after the sample is collected.
  • Participation is voluntary.

Asymptomatic Testing Schedule

Testing sites include Chestnut Hall (1800 Chestnut Street) and pop-up locations on campus. The testing schedule will be updated every Monday by noon.

Schedule of testing options for the week of July 19, 2021.






1:30 pm to 3:00 pm

Chestnut Hall 120


9 am to 11:30 am and 1:30 pm to 3 pm

Chestnut Hall 120


1:30 pm to 3 pm

Chestnut Hall 120


9 am to 11:30 am and 1:30 pm to 3 pm

Chestnut Hall 120


1:30 pm to 3 pm

Chestnut Hall 120

For all clinics, we will be limiting testing to a set number of patients for each site, to ensure adequate time to process tests the same day. To prevent crowding at clinic locations, we ask students to wait to line up until 15 minutes before check-in starts for each clinic. Any enrolled student can test at any asymptomatic testing location.

To Qualify for Asymptomatic Testing

To qualify for testing, one must be a UNT student, faculty, or staff and agree to the following.

I have NOT:

  • experienced symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days,

  • been tested for COVID-19 in the past 14 days;

  • previously had a positive COVID-19 test;

  • been diagnosed with a probable COVID-19 infection that was not confirmed with a lab test in the past six weeks; and,

  • been in close contact with someone who tested (or was presumed to be) positive for COVID-19 within 14 days.

Setup Your NAVICA Account Prior to Arriving For Asymptomatic Testing

Asymptomatic testing requires having an account set up on the NAVICA mobile app. Please follow these steps to set up your NAVICA account prior to presenting for testing.

1. Download the blue NAVICA app from your mobile device's app store. The green NAVICA app should NOT be used by patients wanting to test.

2. Open the blue NAVICA app and create an account. To confirm your email address, the NAVICA app will send a verification code to your email from noreply@navica.abbott and will require you to enter that code into the app to complete the account creation process. You will receive an email with the subject "Welcome to NAVICA" when your account is created. Make note of the email address you use for your account because you will need to share that information at the test site.

Additional Information About Asymptomatic Testing

  • Practice social distancing when waiting for test

  • Have your UNT ID number, and the blue NAVICA App setup on your mobile device to complete the online check-in process.

  • Please wear a mask. You will be directed by the testing staff to remove it to collect your nasal specimen.

  • Results will be available in the blue NAVICA app, and you will receive a notification when results are available to the email address associated with your account.

  • All results will be kept confidential. SHWC will not release results to faculty members or employers. However, positive results will be reported to UNT and Denton County Public Health for contact tracing purposes.

  • For positive results, Student Health and Wellness Center clinical staff will contact the patient by phone for additional information and the next steps to take.

  • Results should be available the same day specimen was collected. 

UNT Contact Tracing Testing

The UNT Contact Tracing team may refer students, faculty, and staff for testing through the UNT contact tracing process. The UNT Contact Tracing Team will provide instructions on how to sign up for testing through the contact tracing program.


Q: Why is the University testing students who are asymptomatic and have no known contact with a positive COVID-19 case?
A: UNT is conducting randomized testing of asymptomatic students to establish a baseline COVID-19 infection rate among the student population and monitor trends in the infection rate to make informed decisions about keeping the UNT community safe.

Q: Why can I not get tested at a mobile clinic site if I have COVID-19 symptoms?
A: The mobile COVID clinics are for asymptomatic students because additional precautions are necessary when collecting specimens from symptomatic patients. Students with symptoms need to make an appointment so our clinical staff can take these precautions when seeing you and collecting your specimen for testing.

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