Event-Related Policies and Resources

While not an exhaustive list, these are the most common UNT policies related to events. If an organization wishes to conduct certain activities (e.g., sell items or bring food) related to the event, the organization may be required to complete additional forms. All may be found at http://policy.unt.edu.

Event Security

The UNT Police Department works in conjunction with multiple partners to plan, staff, and coordinate law enforcement services for special events at the University. Police officers working a special event, remain under the direct supervision and control of the University of North Texas Police Department. Please review the following Terms and Conditions before requesting police or security services.

UNT Police Event Request

Parking for Events

UNT hosts thousands of events each year, and your guests' experiences will determine the success of your event. This is why it is important to plan your parking arrangements. UNT Transportation Services is responsible for ensuring that the needs of event guests, along with over 37,000 students, and over 1,000 employees using the campus daily, have a smooth and satisfying parking experience. This means that your help is needed to ensure that parking for your event is successful. Please note that not all events can be accommodated based on the availability of space, so please submit your parking request early.

Event Parking

Food Safety

All food items, including beverages and snacks, must be pre-approved by Risk Management. Texas Food Establishment Rules do not allow serving food from unapproved sources or private kitchens; therefore all food, beverages, and snacks must be pre-packaged items purchased from a grocery store, etc. or catered from UNT Dining Services or a restaurant. If food, beverage, and snacks are catered from a restaurant, a copy of the current health permit must be on file with Risk Management. Please contact Vickie Coffey immediately regarding any food you might offer at your event Vickie.Coffey@unt.edu (940) 369 - 8146. 

Youth on Campus

Programs involving youth must follow UNT standards and recommended practices, these can be found in the Youth Protection Program Handbook. These standards are intended to guide those involved in the planning and implementation of programs for youth sponsored by the University of North Texas or conducted on its campus. UNT encourages the use of its campus and facilities, on a space-available basis, and any University department is eligible to conduct programs for youth if they intend to promote the mission of the University.

University departments who wish to sponsor a UNT youth program must register their program by completing this registration form and can choose to make their arrangements for the meeting and recreational space, auxiliary services, transportation, social events, and all support services needed for a successful program by contacting each UNT entity and following proper channels. Alternatively, University departments can utilize Scheduling Services to assist in hosting and organizing programs for youth at UNT.

The Youth in Labs form must be submitted to the UNT Youth Protection Program, if youth are involved in any University laboratory or shop program.

A third-party is a person, group or organization not affiliated with the University. Third-party programs wishing to use University facilities to conduct a program for youth must work through UNT Youth Protection Program. These programs must adhere to University procedures, guidelines, and policies while a guest at the University of North Texas.

Campus Carry

On June 1, 2015, Gov. Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 11, which has been called “campus carry,” into law. Starting Aug. 1, 2016, the law allows licensed holders to carry a concealed handgun on public university campuses, including the University of North Texas. The law also allows universities to create an implementation policy with reasonable rules and regulations. UNT President Neal Smatresk and the UNT Campus Carry Task Force created a policy from student, faculty and staff feedback.

Campus Carry Policy